Underage girls

I’ve battled in my head over this time and time again but I’ve just accepted that I’m attracted to preteen/ cusp of teen underage girls.
Is there anyone else out there that feels this way also?
Any women feel this way or ever fantasize about sharing a young girl?
I would never harm anyone.
I just can’t help but and accept that I’m turned on by this

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  • Hi, I am the same and I have accepted what I am but have made and big deal of making sure I never get in a situation where I make sexual contact with a little girl.

    I am in my 50s and my main masterbation fantasy is for me to naked cuddle a little girl aged 11-13 years old. The are so hot at that age.

    Would love to chat and share masterbation fantasies.

  • Yawn , I made out with little girls before in my younger years , even had a three way with 2 sisters ( 1 older, 1 younger) , even made them kiss each other , they fell more in love with each other than me , but they truly loved me since they kept our three way a secret, I mostly made out with the older sister , the younger was just there so she will not be lonely and feel left out , I could have taken the both of them , but I could not have gotten it up even if I wanted to since I was too young at the time . The most I done was touch there naked bums and that was that , I even humped them , but nothing too serious because we were learning how to turn each other on . But I failed to go all the way with them .

  • Same, I am mostly interested in 12-year-olds, but other ages are also wonderful. I struggle with this every time I masturbate and every time it is about them.

  • It is very important to fight the urge so that you never cause any harm to a little girl. I have the same masterbation subject as you and have never let the fantasy become reality which is super important. You are welocme to chat with me if you like gman680p@outlook.com

  • Woman in my 40s here. I think about this all the time, even made out with a 14-year-old once. Would love to find a girl or two for something regular, but resigned to the fact that it’s just not in the cards because ... yeah.

  • I’m 38. I hear ya about it’s jist not in the cards. It’s so socially absolutely unacceptable. For centuries it’s been common nature but then you’ve got people like the one below that think I should burn to death for my desires.
    Thank you for your honesty. I’d love to talk with you more

  • Agreed, I can't help but think about it when I masturbate. I love the thought, probably won't ever do anything about it because I would be too worried about hurting her.

  • You are sick, you need help. And by help, I mean you need to abort your life, immediately, before you destroy some young girls life.

  • You need to be more respectful, not everyone is an upright vanilla fruit like you, some of us have a taste for the forbidden, it adds flavor to life,I get it you are probably married to some harridan you can't stand, have kids that don't respect you and a job you despise, and that is perfectly ok, but don't tell someone they should die, or need to die just because you hate your little life, if you have nothing nice to say, then go stuck on....something.thank you and have a great day.

  • Not all people that have this need destroy lives. Also, I think you are worse for wanting somebodies death than this guy is for having an uncontrolable desire.

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