I'm a woman with a pregnancy fetish

Oh... You, the man out there who had a fetish for pregnant women, with whom I was open to all sorts of play... You and I experimented with positions good for a pregnant woman while I played one, extending my belly as much as I could, looking at best 4 or 5 months pregnant. For a simple one, you'd lay back, and I would ride your cock, while stretching out my 'pregnant' belly for you to stroke as I rocked back and forth on your cock, coming to find my own pleasure in playing pregnant.

And the one time when we snuck off to a restroom far from activity in the rest of the building, locked the door, took off all of our clothes, and taking a pose easiest, with me facing the mirror above the sink with one of my breasts in one of your hands and my 'pregnant' belly in your other as you took me from behind and came deeply into me. Yes, into me, as that was one of the times we hadn't even comsidered using protection, because a pregnant woman can't get pregnant again.

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  • I love being pregnant.
    I'm not married, and don't want to be. But I had my first child when I was 16, second at 19, third at 22, forth at 24, now at 27 I'm pregnant with my fifth child. All of my children have different father's from one night stands, and I plan to keep having kids until I'm 40 yrs old. I still breast feed all my kids and plan too until they reach teenage years. Childbirth is the greatest orgasim you'll ever have.

  • Hi, OP here. What about being pregnant do you like most? Do you have sex while you’re pregnant, and which positions work best for you? And my final question is about childbirth being ‘the greatest orgasm you’ll ever have’: have you done ‘orgasmic childbirth’ or is this a reference to your own experience?

    Reading this thread again has gotten me into the ‘playing pregnant’ mindset again, and I’m extending my belly and even have a quilt over me, to give myself more of a pregnant belly to stroke as I masturbate, thinking ahead to childbirth orgasmic possibilities.

  • You're a hot slut. If you want my baby, I'm keen to dump a load in your dirty pussy

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