Attracted to pregnant woman

My older sister got knocked up by her boyfriend when she was 17. I was 14 then and every time that I got to see her growing belly, I got a hardon. She noticed and would intentionally remove her shirt and let me see her in just shorts and a bra. She also let me rub her belly and I would come in my pants. My sister and her boyfriend both thought that it was funny that I would come from just touching her belly.
I didn't date anyone until I was 17 and I dated a girl for a couple of months, but we never fucked. We stopped dating and she started going with another guy. I heard that they were fucking only a couple of weeks after. They dated for about six months and then they broke up. I asked her out again knowing full well that she was no longer a virgin like me. I was ready to fuck her on our second date when she told me that she was pregnant. When she took off her clothes, it was obvious that her previously flat stomach was filling out. She asked me if I still wanted to fuck her, and I almost came before I got my cock inside her. I was in heaven fucking this girl that was obviously pregnant.
It soon got around the high school that she was pregnant, obviously by her other boyfriend. A lot of guys were soon making fun of me since I was dating a girl that had gotten pregnant by another guy. I ignored them since she being pregnant only made me more attracted to her.
Right after graduation, we got married and the baby was born only a month later. Even though I got her pregnant three times, I thought that she had looked more sexy to me when another guy's baby was in her than when I had gotten her pregnant. Now years later, I wish that I had not gotten her pregnant but had her get pregnant by fucking other men. It would have been so erotic knowing that all four of our babies had been from other men fucking my love.

Apr 11

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    • My mother got pregnant when I was 15 years old. She was so horny, and she let me fuck her whenever Dad was not around. I fucked her up to 3 days before she gave birth. She was the best fuck I've ever had.

    • My ex was a very strong girl who looked like a fitness model at her peak and when she got pregnant, with that belly and her hard body and biceps, riding me was the time of my life. She was so fucking hot.

    • Best sex I ever had was with my former wife when she was preggers. She was horny as fuck and those big brown nipples - fucking beautiful.

    • One of my favorite fucks of all time was the third trimester pregnant black hostess from the local Applebee's. She told me not to cum inside her, but I did anyway 😆

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