Pregnant Bump Fetish

I'm a woman.. almost 30.

It started since I was small. We usually have this pregnant games among the neighbor kids like putting balloon in our clothes and become 'pregnant'. It was an innocent game back then, even when we playfully groan in pain, saying the baby wanted to come out. I don't know why but ever since then, even until now, I have a fetish towards pregnant bellies. Those huge bumps makes me aroused, and I usually masturbate to it. Impregnation and dirty talks about getting pregnant or giving birth is like an extra point but pregnant bellies itself? Damn, I can always get wet from it. Those groans in the babies coming out can make me orgasm easily.

I'm a bad one. But it's my deepest, secret pleasure.


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  • It’s good to know I’m not the only one that thinks pregnant women are sexy

  • I think pregnant 🤰 teens are sexier than women, something about that bump is so sexy

  • So glad to read about another woman with a pregnancy fetish!

    It seems a rare fetish amongst women, possibly as it’s something that we can experience, while most fetishes are for things that are denied or physically / genetically impossible. Not that there aren’t men who fantasise that they’re pregnant themselves, but I’ve yet to even read about one!

    It’s my secret pleasure, as the few men I’ve told about it have taken it as an impregnation fetish — not bad in itself, but fast forward a few months! — or even as a request, which I hadn’t meant at all. After these few, I’ve kept it to myself.

    It’s my deepest pleasure, too, and one I’ve learnt how to enact when masturbating: how to tilt my hips just right, so I can extend my belly enough to seem four or so months pregnant. Then so much pleasure comes from stroking my belly and imagining where my baby is at whatever point I’m imagining, which gets me wet. Using a vibrator or a hand, I cum several times.

    Oh, and if you’ve not yet read about orgasmic birth, do! That has given me a new dimension to my pleasure!

    Well, I’m turned on beyond belief now, and I’d only stopped by to find out whether or not anyone else had posted about this subject, not expecting to write all of this!

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