SO when i was 17, i would go to my friends house during the weekends sometimes.His stepmom was in her thirties and she was really hot and real thicc.I have always had a thing/fetish for pregnant women so one day she tells me that she is pregnant.I immeaditely got hard.She said she was about 5 weeks pregnant.So a couple months pass and i come to my friends house and wow.His stepmom was really showing.She had just finished this pregnant yoga shit and dam.My friend was going to film a vid with me but decided to go buy an sd card so i stayed back.His stepmom came to me on the couch and asked how i was.I told her i was ok.I just kept starring at her belly.She noticed and asked me whether i wanted to feel.I said yea and started touching her belly.She lifted her shirt up and said i could kiss it if i wanted to.Oh my god.We put salt on her belly and i licked all of it off.I was hard af and kept kissing and licking her belly.She put her hand on my lap and felt my buldge.She slip her hands in my short and pulled my cock out and started stroking it.I just kept licking her belly.
about 15 mins later we heard my friend's car so we stopped.We acted normal and gave me her number.She called me when i was in my uber to meet up at an apartment she owned.we made out a lil bit and we did fuck but as she slept i was just licking and slobbering her belly.Usually whenever i saw her we i would touch her belly and when people were not looking we would walk away and she would let me lick her belly.After she gave birth i still do lick her belly but she aint pregnant so our visits kinda got less often.

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  • Check out another post on this naughty site.My sexy pregnant mom.

  • .check in family confessions
    mother's, and
    desires for my mother

  • I too got a pregnant belly fetish since I was little.

    My mom was 12, when I first happened inside of her late September, she was around 2 months pregnant, when she turned 13 late November, months later, I came along late June.

    Years later to today, my mom's 41, I'll be 28 late June, her baby's due early this July.

    Last Saturday, I was swimming in our backyard pool in my speedo, and ooh woow!!I just about jizzed in my speedocrotch, when my mom came out, and lifted her blouse right up over her bra, oh yea her 2 inches of bare belly between her skirt,her bra, when I touched her belly, ooh wow I was soo hard, I jizzed profusely down my speedocrotch. She didn't ever care I jizzed at all in my speedo.

    I remember 2 days after last Thanksgiving 2017, on my mom's 41 birthday, said she was first pregnant, more than a month anda half. Just like that my dick got super hard. She had on tight little short shorts, blouse tied up to her bra, she had a sexy slim body, her flat stomach didn't even look pregnant, though her breasts were a little big than before.

    When I first felt her baby, I felt so hard, at the first chance, I ran in my room, stripped to my nofly stretchy briefboxers, wanked till I jizzed hard. I'll tell more..

  • ..heres more, by the 2 of last month, March that is, cuz it's April now, my mom's belly begun growing, at 5 months pregnant.

    I was in our pool spa, when my mom came home, she was in a large loose blouse, and short skirt. I immediatly got throbbing hard in my speedo, when she lifted up her blouse, her bare stomach was just 2 inches between her skirt, and bra, still almost flat though, and woow! ! Her growing belly was like the size ofa honeydoo melon under the front of her skirt!!

    When my mom invited me to her room, I was done in the spa anyways, after I changed from my speedo, and in my briefboxers, she tapped on my door. When I said door's open, ohh!! There she was, the front of her panties, pulled over her melon sized belly, bra, and 2 inches of bare stomach.

    To touch my mom's growing belly, and feeling her baby sexually aroused me so hard, I just jizzed though the crotch of my briefboxers, she never even got after me for getting jizz on the floor at all.

  • ..right now I got so nice, and hard, I just jizzed bigtime in my speedo, cuz my mom is so very close to 7 months pregnant, and she's still sexy at age 41, this morning I got to touch her belly, the 2 inch swath of bare belly between her huge panties, and bra, wow!!what a turnon!!

  • You should try to see if she's as horny as you

  • She's hornyer than me, and I don't have to try, this morning she pulled up her blouse, her 2 inches of bare belly above her skirt, and bra underneath, I'm all throbbing hard now in my speedo.

  • My mom had her baby, a healthy girl last Wednesday 11th of July. The way my mom's figure looks, she's got a rather round post partum belly, she now wears high waist post natal tummy control panties with her nursing bras. Last saturday, she sported her leopard print maternity bikini, showed off just a inch and a half of squishy little tummy just between her bikini bottoms and bikini bra, that makes me hard in my Knocker boxerbriefs.

  • When I was 11 back in Febuary 2002, my mom was 25 then, it was also when my aunt, my mom's sister that is was 22, and close to 5 months pregnant, she had her baby in June that year.

    That first Saturday of February 2002, it was just me, and my aunt. I was in a huge longsleeved sweatshirt, and speedo underneath. I was going to use the spa, and my aunt, in big smock, and short shorts beckoned me to her.

    She let me touch her belly, only after she lifted her smock over her bra to show me her 3 inch swath of almost flat stomach, and belly covered under her stretched over short shorts. Woow, I was real hard under my speedo for 11 years old then, when I felt my aunt's baby, and looking at her stomach!!

    After I got done feeling my aunt's baby, I went to use the spa, had the jets on, so nobody could see me wanking in my speedo. Then I heard my aunt come out, I stopped wanking, then she dunked just her feet in the spa, sat on the edge, lifted up her smock again, only her stomach was all squishy between her bra, and stretched over short shorts. I got hard all over again!!

  • Now that's written by a 13 year old....

  • Why on earth would you lick salt?

  • Because it's written by a 13 year old that doesn't have a clue. Everyone likes salt right ?

  • Lmao I read it three times thinking did I miss the tequila shots?

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