J / O Fodder

Wife was shopping for cock, online. We had played with a couple of guys, but none had large cocks. Like me, they were an average six to six and a half inches. She found one young guy who had a nice one, perhaps eight or nine inches, but, she didn't like his tats, and he lived more than a thousand miles away. Others didn't pass muster due to various reasons not worth mentioning. Finally, a local guy sends her pics, and his is rising out of his crotch like a Japanese eggplant on steroids, at least nine or ten inches long, and thick as a fire hose, the head like some sort of doorknob. He was ten years older than us, we guessed. He was married, and very secretive about exactly where he lived. But, he was quite manipulative, and wheedled info. out of my wife to where he was able to track her down at a local Walmart parking lot. White haired, smiling, and tanned, he coaxed his way into her new Jeep, where he offered to show her the goods. He pulls it out, it's flaccid, but, "still, large ! " she said. So he then gets her to reveal her breasts, two 38 dd beauties. He works up a stiffie that he claimed was " right at nine inches ! " She watches as he strokes. " Lots of pre-cum came out ", she said, and she wanted to touch it. He bargained a tweak of her nipples, and she stroked him. " The head was really, really big ! I don't think me or you will be able to get it in our mouths ! " She would stroke him, softly, then hard, then place her pink thumbnail in his peehole. He shuddered " Ohhh-huh-huh-hmmm ! " and begged her to suck it. She told him, " Maybe if we meet you, me and my husband. " It took him an admirable while to finally dribble out some " Elmer's glue" as she called it, laughing. They talked a bit, agreed to some terms. He told her, " I ain't no kind of queer, so, I ain't touching him !" meaning me. " I ain't fucking him in the ass, and I don't really want him sucking me. I want you sucking me while he watches ! " With her massaging her breasts before tucking them away, she finally got him to agree to let me give it a few licks as he came.

We met him at a dowdy townhome twelve miles from our home. It was vacant rental property he owned. I was angry he had been such a creep about stalking and tailing her, but, kept my objections to myself. After some of the smallest of small talk, and a couple of drinks, we went to one of two upstairs bedrooms. He had claimed to have s&m toys but all he really had was a pair of pink, fur-lined cuffs like you get at Spencer's and a small pink rubber flogger. I was stripped and placed in the cuffs, and my wife fitted me into a ball-stretcher, then pushed to my knees at the foot of the bed. Then, they stripped. He sported an impressive semi-hard, and she had her pretty new Victoria Secret undies pulled off in a hurry. Indeed, she couldn't get her mouth around it, and gave it licks like an ice cream cone. He got fully erect and refused when she asked if he'd let me try to suck it. He pushed her onto the bed, and got between her legs and ate her pussy. She didn't begin faking her orgasm until five minutes into it. He sucked her breasts for a bit, then, got a condom from the bedside table and pulled it over his erection. He mounted her missionary style, and stretched her hole. She's large and deep, but, he tested her limits. She began yowling almost immediately, about how big it was, it filled her up, it was almost ripping her, oh my God, and all that. Then, he took her doggy style, and ordered me to stand, and for her to suck my hard cock. He grinned a goofy ass grin as I neared orgasm. Then, he made her stop and lay on his back as she climbed aboard and rode him to orgasm. " Oh, did you come ? " she asked him. " Fuck yeah, I came !" he laughed. " I wanted you to shoot it in his face or mouth, " she said. He climbs out of bed, pulls off the condom, and tries to drip it on my face. I turned away, and he got it in my hair, and on my back. She frowned, he shrugged and laughed. She took the cuffs off of me, but, to amuse him, whipped me with the rubber flogger. He tired of that, quickly, as my hard cock bobbed for attention. I pushed her back onto the bed and entered her roughly. I mauled her breasts as I pounded her. He watched impassively and right before I came, I looked at him, and laughed saying, " Imagine this is your beautiful wife I'm doing this to ! " and I pulled out and sprayed a huge wad onto her jiggling jugs. He frowned, and pulled on some black silk boxers. My wife asked what was wrong, and he groused, " I told y'all NOT to mention my wife ! That's way off limits ! " We hurriedly cleaned up and got dressed. " Sorry if that made you mad, " she said, to which I quickly said, " I'm not sorry, at all. ! In fact, I'd love to meet the little lady ! " He glares at me and ushers us out, without another word. Once back home, after a de-briefing, I decided to make it my new mission to find out all I could about him, and, especially, her.

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