Pregnant but dont know the father

So just found out I’m pregnant but I have no idea who the father is. I have had sex with 6 guys in the week I would have got pregnant. It could be any of them. One of them is in prison, one just got charged with domestic battery for hitting his girlfriend in the mouth, two are best friend who are 17 and 16, one I don’t even know his real name just his nickname, and the other is the caretaker at my apartment who is like 52 and I was part of a 3some with his wife

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  • Call the jerry springer show. You'd get 2 or 3 segments easy, and paid transportation and hotel.

  • Man you are a hot mess. You get fucked like a alley cat. You are headed in the right direction for failure

  • DNA test ?

  • Good for you, thirty years from now you can get one or all six thrown off the supreme court nomination list by claiming you were raped and just think, you will have a kid to prove it.

  • Well we know Miss Lindsey was not involved

  • 🖐🤣

  • I love a woman that does what she likes. Good for you for having fun. I fuck whoever I want when I want and my husband has no idea. At least one of our kids is not his but he doesn't know that either.

  • Good for you too good job .How old are you ? .I hope he will not suspect that the children dont look like him hihi its good that he dont know
    How many kids do you have ? and how many are made with him

  • Apartment...come one, you mean your trailer park, right?

  • That's nothing My wife's first child was from at least a dozen men, all black, all in one night, drunk at a party in high school.

  • You sound like a great decision maker. I bet you picked out the best double wide at the trailer park.

  • No doubt that willabee the case m

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