Hot Karen

Some time ago I met a lady in one of those chat rooms where people tell each other about their marital problems. Karen was very open about her problems with her husband, you know what I mean, no sex no talking no affection. They were fighting all the time and Karen was sure hubby was cheating. She said she found his pants with cum stains all over the inside. I also was having marital problems, I was sure my wife was fucking around and found the same kind of evidence. So we decided to meet somehow and we did. Karen was able to get hubby to agree to a vacation in New York. She gave me the hotel and times they would be there. So I go to the lobby and we meet. Both agreed to pull out if one or the other couldn t or wouldn t go through with it. I was happy to see Karen, she was five nine and had long blond hair and a full figure. She wasn t to skinny or to fat, a perfect hour glass figure. I was like a 16 year old, I had an a bulge that wouldn t go away, Karen noticed that right away and we ran to our room. Karen waisted no time in taking my clothes off , she threw me on the bed and began to blow me. We began to 69 and soon screwed like wild people. I couldn t help myself and came right away. After a short time Karen got on top and began to fuck me like a wild woman. She came like a woman who had never had sex, her face was red as a beet, her mouth was wide open, her eyes were closed and she grunted like a woman in heat. I soon changed position and did her doggy style, wow, she came again as did I. Later on I asked how she got away from her husband. She said it was simple, she started a fight with him and said she was going for a walk. He fell for it and we spent the morning fucking our brains out. I can t tell you how exciting it was knowing her husband was walking around looking for his wife while all the time she was cramming my cock into her pussy. Karen and I never saw each other after that, we talked by e mail and she told she had a few other lovers and divorced her husband soon after. I don t think I will ever understand her husband, she was good looking , smart and a sexual power house. I suspect he was frightened of her. She must have had it all over him, she clearly was smarter, she was probably out of his league in the looks dept. I also think he was frightened of her sexually. He might have had a small cock or couldn t keep up with her between the sheets. You know, one of those guys who cums once then falls asleep. I often think of Karen and hope things worked out for her.

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  • Maybe he just got tired of fucking that same old pussy.

  • I think the same old pussy was to much for him. Some men fear their wives because the wife has changed and is now in control of the sexual aspect of their marriage . The husband runs away from the marriage and the truth, they fear being dominated by the wife.I see it happen all the time. The wife seeks other men for sex and the husband can do nothing about it.

  • But Blaine likes to sit on top of peoples Stomachs at school recess

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