Caught cheating

My wife got off work one night because of a power failure and walked in our bedroom and caught me dressed totally feminine ,makeup and all sucking a mans cock.She didnt say a word ,just backed out of the room and went down stairs for a white.When she came into our bedroom the second time he was fucking me in the ass hard ,I was whimpering,,whining and begging him to fuck me harder.She was taping it all with her iphone. She waited quietly till He filled my sissy ass with his cum ,and we were cuddling together when she walked in screaming and yelling at us and calling us names.Randy jumped up and was going to grab his clothes and run out and Karen punched him in the face and kicked him in the balls and told him to get back in bed with his girlfriend.She showed us the pictures and videos she had taken of Randy and I having sex and our faces were clear for everyone to see so there was no denying that we were lovers,,Randy the man in our relationship and I was the woman ,,his little bitch as Karen kept saying . She told me that we would remain married but in name only. We were getting money every month from my parents as an agreement and if we divorced the checks would stop and we would lose a lot of money.Karen told me that she and I were not ever husband and wife and there would not ever be any sex for me,I wasnt even going to be allowed to touch her unless she gave me permission . She told me that she wanted me to remove all of my belongings from the master bedroom as it was her bedroom now,,she told me that the guest room was where I could sleep saying that I should ask Randy to move in with me because as far as she was concerned Randy was now my husband .She told me that I would learn to be a good wife for Randy . Karen brings men home regularly and they fuck where ever they want to and dont care if it is right in front of me and my husband . Because of the virus I have lost my job and Randy decided that he makes enough to pay my wife for both of us so now I am kept totally feminized 24/7 and live as Randys submissive wife . I think My wife and Randy have come to some sort of agreement because out of the blue Randy has become very dominant and kinky as hell. My wife gives him pointers and ideas all the time right infront of me and even guests . Randy makes me wear short tight dresses and skirts dressing like a slutty 20 year old girl and treats me like I am his sex slave in front of everyone .He no longer treats me like his girlfriend with love and respect ,,Now he makes sure everyone knows that I am a feminized male,,His sissy sex slave and he loves to treat me like his sissy fuck toy making me drop to my knees deepthroating his hard cock and sucking nonstop until he gives me permission to stop . Randy enjoys humiliating me sexually in front of my friends and family but also loves to make me submit to other men .

1 month ago


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    • That happened to me only I was dressed like a rodeo clown and wearing a Nazi armband it was awesome

    • I bet the Nazi armband topped it off!

    • Oh boy she recorded it for the lawyer. It's over for you now. You be broke and have a sore ass for sure!

    • Not "wife"; "BITCH"!!!

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