I met my wife when she was 18, I was 20. At that time our sexual experiences were few if any, or so I thought. I had only been with one other girl and I was inexperienced to say the least. I remember our dates were fun and we would end up in my VW feeling the shit out of each other but no matter how hard I tried I couldn t get anywhere with her. I asked her about it and she explained she didn t want me to think she was a slut or something She said she was a virgin and had few dates. While she was telling me her story she couldn t take her eyes off my bulge . The next thing I knew she had unzipped my pants and pulled my throbbing hardon out. Wow, I was in shock, but grinning from ear to ear. She proceeded to jerk me off, then she began to blow my soxs off. She got me off in no time at all and she swallowed every drop of cum. All this from a girl who had very little in the way of sexual experiences. I wondered if she was telling me the truth about being sexually inexperienced. Latter when we had been married for a few years she opened up and told me she had lots of oral sex and became very good at it but maintained she was a virgin when we met. I suspect she has lots of secrets but what do I care, I m married to a sexual dynamo who can blow my sox off any day of the week.

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