Committed plural relationship w/2 fat women

I am the luckiest guy alive. I’m not going to get into how it happened, just sort of one thing that led to another and now going on a couple years I’ve been involved in a committed relationship with two women. It’s a 3-way relationship meaning they were both bi-curious and get feisty with each other sometimes. It really took the planets aligning for this to work out.

I’m 39, pretty fit. Gym rat. I’m not a big guy, 5’7 and just over 160 pounds but I’ve got a nice body. One of my partners is 36 years old, 5’3 and about 330 pounds. She has the biggest tits I’ve ever seen, big soft belly, and a pretty nice round soft ass. The other is 33, 5’4 and weighs about 345 pounds. She has the most epic ass, big soft belly, and pretty nice tits as well.

Both of them have beautiful faces, and their personalities are so much fun. They both have pretty commanding personalities so I am pretty much last in command, but I’m okay with it. It’s worth it to be ordered around by them because the rewards are great. I mean seeing them both on their knees making out with each other with my cock between their mouths is amazing. They both swallow, and both take it up the butt, not to mention fat chick pussy is just infinitely superior to skinny chick pussy. And I have two fat pussies I get to fuck regularly. Also just being able to watch the pair of them fuck is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

It’s also so much fun to go out in public with one on each arm. I have got to be the envy of every guy who sees us and probably some of the girls too. We don’t do anything overly provocative to get attention, but we don’t shy away from being an obvious threesome.

We all live together and we all have jobs though I am the primary earner, making more than the two of them combined. We have no children (that’s part of how we all wound up together to begin with) and have enough discretionary income to get out and enjoy life. We took a beach vacation and I swear being with the two of them on the beach while they were wearing a couple skimpy 2-pieces was awesome. Confident fat chicks rule!

I’m going to stop bragging here. I am just so grateful to have the life I do and wanted to share this experience with others.

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  • There aint a guy out there that wouldnt fuck a fat chick if he had a chance. Im married to one, 5'8" and 280lbs. And im fucking her big sister behind her back. Shes 5'6" and 310. I love it and cant get enough of them.

  • Do you have a giant cock? Two fat women I imagine they need a big gun to keep them satisfied.

  • One woman is all I need. But you're right about BBW being SOOOO much better than skinny.

    Don't you just love it when she's on top of you and you can't hardly breathe because of her weight?

  • I was in a relationship with two men for five years, and now I’ve been married to a man and woman for six. I’ve never been happier. When I wake up to the bed moving and I see her on top of our husband, there is no better way to start the day. He cums in her, I lick her pussy, then she goes to work. When I come home at night and get in bed after my shower, he makes love to me while she sucks on my nipples. It’s a perfect balance.

  • Sorry babe, but this is not cool. I’m a pretty fit chick who works hard on m body and love showing off at the beach. I hate seeing land whales like your wives strutting around in a giant version of the same 2-piece I’m wearing because I’ve put in so much effort while your fatties have just sat on the couch probably feeding each other donuts. I hate fat chicks and I despise guys who fuck them. They reward them for being fat while I’m in the gym working my ass off.

  • What's the ugliest part of *your* body? I think it's your mind.

  • I think it's your personality that could use a little work.

  • Envious bitch

  • Uh, two partners and BOTH are over 300 pounds? Dude you’re doing it wrong. Trust me, you are not the envy of every guy who sees you, you’re the laughing stock!

  • Oh stop. You like fat girls and you know it. Every guy has wanted to fuck a fat chick at least once just to see what it’s like. Don’t lie to yourself.

  • Damn son. You’re living my dream. Nicely done sir

  • Thanks! It’s an awesome life, I tell you!

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