We have been married for 9 years. Before the wedding my mom told my fiancé that when I had an attitude, he better spank me. What? How Mom said I’ll show you. Karen step out of your skirt. Mom! It will get worse if you don’t. Recalling spankings I did so reluctantly stand before my fiancé in panties and blouse and turning red. Mom returned with a paddle asking all fours or over a couch. I bent over the couch. I got about ten stingingvwhacks and my cheeks were on fire. Then she pulled my panties down and I was humiliated. She spanked me then told him to spank me. He did lightly but it was still humiliating. Do it right or I’ll put you on all fours. He did and I soon was crying. Mom said get on all fours and crawl to the corner and stay there.
Since the wedding I’m spanked every Friday. Usually in private but if mom or my sister or anyone comes over he says Marie is being spanked and you may stay or leave. Mostly they stay for my spanking and humiliation.

Apr 14

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    • I was spanked as a kid and both mom and daddy could give me the look and my behavior instantly changed. Works to this day. I married and was not always the nicest person to my husband. A few years into our marriage, my husband and daddy are close friends now... Fishing and hunting. My father told him to spank me. I cried and cried but our marriage has never been better. He's only spanked me twice. I was a turd and deserved it both times. Our marriage is wonderful. Our outside relationships are wonderful. Our friends are jealous of our relationship. He never told anyone... I would be embarrassed but I'm glad he did it. I was a spoiled brat.

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