Still a virgin

I'm a 52 year old man who is still a virgin. I have always been really shy around people, especially women. I want to fuck a woman so bad that it literally hurts sometimes, and I have to masterbate to relieve the pain. I saw a psychologist a few years ago who diagnosed me with acute social anxiety disorder and gave me some medications to help, but they caused erectile disfunction, so when I was actually able to approach a prostitute and ask her for a "date", I was unable to get it up. She said she felt sorry for me and didn't charge me for her time. I think I will die a virgin. Hopefully very soon.

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  • You dont miss out on much darling. Pussy all feels the same and is so much work to get. God forbid girls could give a half decent suck. Get yourself a young bull and suck some cock instead then switch. Its true what they say that men suck better than women

  • You and me both on the same road , Dying a Virgin , I hope you live a happy life , because in 41 years , I’m gonna die a unhappy life and that’s me that is dying a unhappy life , not you or towards you . Don’t make the same mistake I’m making , don’t die a virgin , find somebody and live a happy life .

  • Your fucked now buddy just give up and keep tugging yourself

  • Tomorrow can always be better.

  • Try hookers again. First time would definitely be difficult, but with a few attempts you should get it. Then you can scratch that one off your bucket list.

  • Maybe you could transition and have men fuck you in the cunt

  • Hopefully you will find some joy soon instead. Good luck to you.

  • Have you tried viagra or cialis?

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