Virgin or Not

Was your wife
1. a virgin when you were married,
2. a virgin when you started dating, or
3. a sexually experienced womsn?

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  • Number 3! My wife was sexually experienced having had two long term boyfriends in college before me. We were friends while she was dating the other guys and she would tell me about them fucking her. I always got aroused when she told me that she was going to have sex with one of them or that she had sex with one of them. I wanted her for my own but never made a move on her until she broke up with the second guy. I loved that she was looser than the other college girls that I had sex with since she had been fucked several times a week for over two and a half years. While I had sex with more partners, she definitely had sex more times than I had. Even after more than forty years of marriage, I still love to fuck her.

  • My wife wasn't a virgin as I was her 2nd. And she thought she was experienced but I soon shocked her. She's a few years younger than me. I was 24 and she was 18. I let her dominate me then turned the tables on her and put her on her knees to eat both of her holes,she soon succumbed to my dominance and I had her moaning and squirting. Then we fucked but I kept pulling out and making her suck my cock. I carried on fucking her pussy and shocked her more by finger fucking her ass,she came quite intensely a couple of times. Eventually she gave in and let me slide my cock into her ass and she had an incredibly anal induced orgasm. Later she admitted that was the dirtiest hottest sex she'd ever had and I thought she wouldn't want to get serious but I must've laid her right as we ended up together then married.

  • She was a virgin when we met and didn't let me fuck her until our wedding night. She loved sex so much that within a year she was fucking other guys while I watched and then I had her myself.

  • Never had a virgin in my life, Both wives were previously married.

  • To your brothers? After all, you are siblings.

  • My wife wasn't a virgin when we got married. She was a virgin when we met. She is a well experienced woman now as I let other men pound her while I watch. She enjoys me watching her enjoy cock.

  • Pedophile!

  • Experienced for sure

  • Very sexuality experienced

  • My first marriage my wife was a virgin, second wife was not a virgin, and vrey experienced

  • Which one was better in bed?

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