Neighbor guy

I live with my parents eventhough I should could live on my own. I don't have a boyfriend right now, that could be part of it. The neighbor guy has lived next door for years, hes probably 40ish and hes single. So not my type, but I went over to get some mail that was dropped off at his house by mistake. When I knocked I thought I heard him say come in, but when I did he was sitting there completely naked. I was shocked and tried to cover my eyes thinking I needed to back out the door, but I noticed how big he was. Omg, he is way bigger than any guy I have been with. I have no idea how big he was, but he was big. So instead of backing out the door, i uncovered my eyes and looked at his thing. I walked over to the table where he was sitting to get my parents mail. I couldn't take my eyes off it, I seriously had never seen one that big. I have no idea what we were talking about. All I could think about was how big it was. He started playing with it and I kept watching. He played with it until he came all over himself and I watched the whole thing. Then I backed out the door and returned home.

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  • My wife wants me to leave her dirty panties for neighbor

  • Leave them

  • I had an affair with the neighbor guy when I was married to my first husband. He worked nights and left me home alone with no car. What else was I supposed to do for fun? The neighbor guy was cute and convenient, and he was better in bed than my husband.

  • U r a cunt .

  • Lol, are you a little butthurt? Did your girlfriend get smart and dump your microdick ass?

  • Yeah but this girl is scared of neighbor guy.

  • Place some of your parents' mail in his box so you are required to pick it up again. This time walk right up to him and ask to touch it. Stroke it with your hand and focus on it's size and how beautiful it is, bring it to full hardness. Feel your pussy get wet. Turn around and drop your panties, let him fuck you from behind.
    Without looking at him you can focus only on the splendor of the big cock filling you.

    The reason it is so hot is because it is dirty.

  • How old are you if you are of age why didn't you have him fuck you with it big is the best.

  • She states she "should could" live on her own, so l think this is supposed to be an adult who has never seen a penis.

  • I am the OP and yes I have seen penis before. I slept with 3 different boyfriends and I seen my friend Gabi's boyfriend naked. And before anyone ask, NO I didn't do anything with Gabi's boyfriend. It was an accident and Gabi was there when it happened.

  • Gross, NO.

  • It's just about the dick, hon.

  • All scary acting.

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