First Lover

I thought that the first girl I dated in college was a virgin like me. I really wanted to fuck her and she was willing. After we had sex, she asked me if it was my first time and I told her that it was. She then admitted that it had not been her first time and she told me that I was the third guy that fucked her. Both guys had never asked her out after fucking her and I thought that she was just a mark on each of their bedposts, but I didn't tell her that. I actually liked her and I assured her that I would ask her out again. We continued dating all freshman year and I enjoyed fucking her two or three times a week.
Was your first lover a virgin or had he or she fucked others before you? Do you know how many lovers he/she had before you? Did you marry them?

Apr 11


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    • My first was with a girl who'd been fucking one of my roommates.
      She decided she liked the looks of me better. So she started sleeping on our couch in the common area.
      Every morning we'd come out of our rooms and there'd be this blonde SoCal 18 yr old in just a short top and bikini panties - all skewed around on her crotch or jammed up her sweeet tight little ass. On full display - after she 'accidentally' kicked her covers off!
      We ALL wanted to fuck her.
      One night she crawled into my bed. Stripped her panties off and spread for me. She took my dick and pulled me towards her. When I started kissing her B cup breasts she stopped me, told me to bite them! I did, then she went down on me - got me good and wet and hard and then she hopped on and rode me like a pony!....for a massive teenaged orgasm. I kept going after my 30 seconds - because I knew girls were supposed to cum, too! She bit the shit out of my shoulder when she came!

    • My first was 15 same age as me
      But she had already been fucked by two guys before me.

    • Do you know how old she was first time?

    • My first wife was.16 and i was 21

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