My best friends sister

My best friend and I are very close so I started going to his house for holidays and just whenever he invited me over but he has a little sister who’s 16 and so fucking fine. She has really curly hair and gorgeous light brown eyes. Her skin is a light brownish color almost white and she’s got an almost perfect hourglass figure. I can’t find a single flaw in her and even her medium sized lips are perfect and have a small freckle on them that I always stare at and think how badly I want to kiss and bite her there. And to top it all off she sings and is the smartest girl I’ve ever met which is really rare for me to say. I talk about very mature topics with her and it’s like I’m talking to a grown person. I can really say I’m so turned on by her. Besides her being my best friends sister, I’m 24. But she’s got a banging body and a fat ass and she seems so innocent but also not and everybody knows she flirts with me a lot even my friend but it’s always been funny. One time we kissed at a party but I stopped her. I regret that so much now because I wish I could go inside her small pussy and body and hear her moan. I’d do anything for it now


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  • Teen pussy is the best they’re so tight and their moans are unreal do it now or you’ll regret it

  • You should tell her how you feel and probably wait until she’s 18 and if you can’t then just go for it. She sounds perfect

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