My True Self

Im 6'2" , with a bit of a gut and a lot of body hair. Inside, Im a smooth little twink who dreams of being kept chained naked in a real man's basement dungeon. When i was a teen I met a man online and went to his house. I stripped bare assed and knelt on his porch with my hands behind my head and waited until my knees hurt for him to arrive. After he handcuffed and blindfolded me and dragged me to his cellar i was given the most visceral several hours of my life. He even made a tape but i never saw it.

Since then ive longed to reach the same high but never had the balls. I constantly dream now of stripping naked in a parking lot, climbing into a trunk bound and gagged, and taken away forever. Maybe my Master is out there somewhere. Until then the excitement and the shame make me rock hard and keep me dreaming.

I dont want to be forgiven. I want to be judged. Tell me what you think of my pathetic, depraved desires.

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  • Just be careful. You are opening yourself up to be a possible victim of a serial killer, or just a garden variety mean motherfucker like the homophobes who are thick as fleas on this site.

  • Have you ever noticed how these homo haters spend all their time reading these posts, leaving negative comments, then masturbating to get their balls off. If you really hate the idea of getting sucked off, stop what your doing and go read bible stories. I would actually love to get one of you..... tie you up.... and then...… just imagine how you would moan after the third orgasm. Then after I let you go...… imagine the guilt you would have thinking of how much you enjoyed the fealing

  • I hardly think anyone really gives a fuck about your homosexual desires or activities. You will be judged upon your death, that is the only judgement that matters.

  • The twit post this all over the net.

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