Being a mother of a daughter is never easy I'm 36 and professionally employed and divorced ... my daughter has been dating her high school so called friend for a few months he's a nice boy with a good family.. one day i wanted to replace my kitchen chandelier and i asked him to help when he got up on the ladder i could see up his shorts and there was a nice surprise in there ... I haven't dated at all since my divorce 4 years earlier but i was impressed by his size.. a few days went by and i asked him to stop by to help me with some stuff from the attic i made sure i was wearing no bra and had a low cut shirt with extremely short shorts ...once again i was starring up his shorts and dared to ask him if it was real he looked puzzled but i told him about the bulge in his shorts if it was real... he came down from the attic leaned back on the stairs and pulled his cock out and wiggled it i laughed and reached for it stroking it and making it hard and warm i couldn't help but suck it ... but surprisingly he tells me to take my shorts off and rub my pussy while i sucked his huge cock make a long story short after rubbing my self into a frenzy i got up pulled him away from the stairs leaned forward and he knew exactly where to put his cock felt so dam good when him pushing his entire cock in my pussy i met every single thrust of his pumping cock into my pussy i rubbed off a huge orgasm and didn't realize he had squeezed off his entire load inside my womb... like i said haven't been dating since my divorce so i'm not protected being pregnant by my daughters boyfriend and having to explain to others is not going to be easy... especially when my daughter got pregnant a week earlier by her boyfriend.....


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  • You'r a sick fuck! I hope your daughter finds out about you and him before she gets married. Whats the matter you could not go to the pharmacy and get morning after pills they sell all over the place? Or go get an abortion a few days later? Whats wrong with you? You can't leave your children alone? What are you a home wrecker? I can definitely see why he divorced you. Stupid you don't fuck your daughters boyfriend.

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