Sucking a guy

I was at a party in college and quite a few people had left then about an hour or so later the three girls asked if we all wanted to go to back to their apartment. I did not know the guy really well but we all headed out and about an hour later we were all naked in a bedroom. It was a real great time and I had already gone down on two of the women and was in a sixty nine with one of them, she was on top of me. She sat upright still straddling my face and I reached up to play with her breasts loving the feel of her ass pressed into my nose.
I felt my cock getting played with again by what I figured was one of the other women but then I heard one of them say something like, wow you like to suck guys dicks also. I was a little surprised to hear her say something like that and the woman on top of me slid off to turn around, I looked down and sure as hell the guy was swallowing my cock.
I have never been one to worry about peoples sexual orientation and I had wondered myself if I could suck a guy off, the woman remounted my face looking down at me as my tongue began getting her off again. The guy sucking me never stopped until I was filling his mouth with cum, one of the girls commented that she had never seen a guy suck dick before but said she was really turned on by it. She then asked if the two of us would sixty nine so they could watch us sucking dick and I thought about it for a second and told her sure why not do it.
I asked him if he wanted to be on top or lay down and he chose to lay down, I climbed over him and once again put my cock in his mouth. I looked down at his and then reached over with one of my hands and pulled it upright. Two of the girls were on each side of me ready to watch as my mouth sucked him inside of it. I began sucking on him pretty hard and the women were really getting into it, one of them put her hand around the base of it and held him up straight while the other reached in and began fondling his balls.
I continued sucking on him until he came, I was no where near an orgasm so I told him he did not have to keep sucking on me. The sex wrapped up after that pretty much but after several weeks two of the women wanted me to come up to the apartment for a threesome. I spent a few hours with them having a great time pleasuring and getting pleasured.

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  • I think the women of today are more open to threesomes and seeing guys pleasure each other, especially millennial girls / ladies . The ones of yesteryear, not so much. Many years ago, I had a g/f who wanted a threesome with two guys. She was a bit of a size queen, too, so I chose a guy I knew had a bigger cock than me. I'm a little over six inches, he was almost nine. She was strange in that she didn't like giving or receiving oral. So, as one of us was fucking her she would stroke the other. I got to plow her, first, and as a courtesy, pulled it out before I came, spraying my load on her belly. I went and got her a warm, wet washcloth. Then, he mounted her and fucked her hard, giving her every inch he had. He came all up in that pussy, which disappointed me, a little. I wanted to see that big cock shoot ! She got up to go clean it out, and I admired his slowly flagging staff. He smiled, asking, " Wanna lick her pussy off my dick ? " I did, and bent over him, tongue flicking dripping cum, and pussy juice. She returned from the toilet quicker than expected, and was absolutely aghast at what she saw. She never fucked either of us again !

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