I been reading so much about guys wearing pantyhose and panties I went out and bought a pair of black pantyhose. They do feel good and I think I look good in them. I was even taken pics of myself posing. Pics of me bending over on all fours and with my pantyhose down a bit. Now I want to get panties.

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  • Go on line and buy sone panties. I have been wearing them for 25 years could never go back to men’s boxers. My wife gets it. Softer, lighter , wicks faster, and sexier.
    Ask if you need suggestions on brands

  • Good for you, a lot of males love wearing pantyhose and panties

  • Yes I see a lot on the internet male panties and pantyhose.

  • That is so nice, I think you should try for some sexy matching bra and pantie sets plus a couple of lace nighties to wear at home and additional panties to wear under your regular male wear.
    You will find that soon you will only want to wear panties, they feel so good, maybe like I you will progress to full on crossdressing, wig, makeup, heels the whole deal, I hope you do it is just great.
    Incidently most crossdressers are not gay but straight married men and do it with their wife's support
    All the best Darling xx please update us on your progress

  • I can’t cross dress I’m 6 feet 260 muscular built. But my legs do look good in pantyhose because they are muscular. I bought some thongs and my ass looks great. Thanks

  • I didn’t buy panties but I got some nice things in different colors. I think I look good in them. Wish I could show you.

  • You really need to get some nice sexy panties, they are so great, I even order PVC panties off the net

  • I took pics of myself but had no one to show them with.

  • That should read thongs

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