Hi I recently caught my 18 year old boyfriend being spanked over his mother's knee was quite a shock should I dump him?

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  • That's nothing Hun my boyfriend is still spanked by his mum at 24 !!

  • If he is letting his mother spank him at 18 they are both up for it, I use to spank my son up to the age of 17 I use to order him to pull his pants and under pants down and lay over my knee, we were both getting excited about it, he had an erection which tried not to look, I could feel his hard cock on my legs, the last time I had a short skirt on so I could feel his bare cock on me, I herd him breathing heavy, I felt him ejaculate on my legs I froze, he said sorry I said its ok so I stopped otherwise I might have committed the ultimate taboo

  • See that's not right why would he want to b spanked and by his mother?

  • You ask why he would want to be spanked by his mother, could it be because he enjoyed it and his mother did as well, my dad use to spank me I enjoyed it,
    I became wet in my vagina when I took my knickers down and lay over my dads knee with my bare bottom exposed I became more wet when dad was spanking me, I loved it I am wet now thinking about it, does that answer your question it depends what turns you on

  • You should join in and beat his ass also. I bet he will shoot cum all over you both. Enjoy!

  • That would depend on what he did to be disciplined for. If he lives at home, which I imagine he does, there has to be some boundaries and rules. He should be disciplined somehow. Why not spanking.

  • I understand what your saying but he's 18!

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