My love of being spanked harshly

I love being spanked, I am 40ish female, and I was spanked growing up. A typical spanking involves a leather belt with me being restrained. I like to get spanked until I beg for mercy and generally my butt is welted and black and blue. I have orgasmed from a few spankings.

Why am I like this?

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  • I am a 50 year old male and I love to be spanked bring it on.

  • Love to be spanked alot. Love to watch me being spanked.

  • I dont want people saying nastey things about me. But im almost 13 and my mom and dad spank me still and its alwaysTon my bare bottom. But last while i have noticed my vagina getting wet when mom or dad spank me. Im so embarassed and even though i will be 13 in 7 months i dont even have any hair down there. Please dont be rude i just feel embarassed that it makes me tingley.. Shannon..

  • I'm a 30 something male. I have similar fetish. I love to be spanked on my bare butt and made to stand in the corner.

  • I am 50 and I also love to hear the sound of my bottom getting a dam good hard spanking I live in llanbradach

  • You're like it because you just are, and you're not alone. The excitement of submission combined with the fact that pain and pleasure are actually quite close. An entire culture of kink exists around your very mindset. It is very very normal, I can promise.

  • My Mrs is very similar, she went to school mostly in Northern Spain and Gibraltar in the 1970s and the male and female teachers there and in her boarding school here in the UK used to put the naughty pupils OTK to spank, cane,slipper and one very bad male teacher used a table tennis bat, she got a real liking for the bat and obviously the male teacher too and at 13-14 years old he took to doing it in private rather than in front of her classmates,so would be told to report to him for detention once everybody had gone home, she said he then used to hitch up her short pleated skirt and pull her knickers in tight up her bum-crack for what he said was "to spank you properly" he then gave a few lighter spanks and then held the elastic top of her knickers and pulled them right up tight, this made her young pussy tingle she said and instead of the usual whimper and squeal when he spanked she began moaning in a low growl all husky like and started grinding herself against "sirs" knee, bringing herself to what she called a "thrill" he then stopped the spanking and started running the tip of his big boney finger down the crack of her arse and touched her "fanny lips" as she called them back then, she said she bucked and shuddered almost imiediatly and wet his leg, apparently then he scorned her and said "I'll teach you girl" pulled her knickers to one side really vigorously and then popped that long boney finger right in her honey pot, she gasped, bucked and thrashed around but he held her firm and finger fucked her honey pot until she creamed again, then renewed the spanking session, she said after that she always misbehaved in his class and always received the same punishment, now at 53 years old at least once a month she dresses like a schoolgirl and begs for a OTK beating with the table tennis bat we have, she still creams herself as I spank and fondle, afterwards tho she gets cock unlike when she was a schoolgirl,

  • Who usually spanked you and did you have to take off your clothes

  • Yes clothes off.

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