A spanking from mom for spitting on ythe floor

When I was 6 or 7 years old, my mom and her best friend were chatting in our house. Mom's friend had her daughter who was about my age with her. I was trying to impress the daughter, so I spit on the living room floor. Mom saw me do this, so she took me by the hand and led me down the hall to my room. Mom closed the door and put me over her knee and gave me a spanking. I was spanked in private, but everyone could hear the spanks being administered. We went back to the living room, and I know I had tears coming down my cheeks as a result of my spanking. The girl said, your mom spanked you, didn't she. I admitted I had been spanked, and then she asked were you over her knee, did it hurt? Yes I was over mom's knee and it was a spanking so of course it hurt. That was the first time I remember mom turning me over her knee, but there were many times after that first time when I found myself over her knee again. It was just a part of growing up in the 50' and 60's.

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  • Okay so I have to leave this comment here, I don't care what the stuff is about comment,don't you not like it when you get a message and it's stupid

  • I grew up back then when you could get paddled in school which I got numerous times. Now that that can't be done anymore I told the teachers if my kid gets out of line just give me a call and I'll show up and wear him out.

  • Back then any parent in the neighborhood would do. Couldn't tell you how many times I got it other parents other than my own. Then when they reported it to my parents I'd get it again.

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