My spanking

I am 18 old girl still spanked at home.
My father spanks me across his lap, by the hand, over the panties.
I really want to be spanked without the panties.
How to tell him?

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  • That's so sexy

  • I think next time, strip. Let your dad see that hot body as he spanks you

  • Why? What is the purpose of that?

  • To strip? To the panties or ...? How do you knew i have a hot body? I am an average girl. I don't look like a sex-bomb or a model.

  • Wear a thong so you’re butt cheeks are in the open.

  • Very good idea ... But my parents don't allow me to wear indecent clothes.

  • It is a good solution for the girl. My intimate parts will be covered but my butt cheeks will be exposed.

  • Or you could just not lie?

  • Lie about what?

  • If you're 18 and being spanked by your father I'm sure he'd be fine with you bare bottomed. He's only spanking you because he's a perv.

  • So what it's a great hobby and pastime is spanking.

  • No, he spanks me because it is for my own good. It helps me a lot to be a good girl; I don't drink alcohol, I don't smoke, I don't spend the whole night outdoor ...

  • Stop wearing panties then he will just find a nice tight bare ass .to spank bet he will be up your tight pussy right away .Please let us know how you get on ?

  • What do you mean by that "stop wearing panties"?
    To take off my panties before spanking?

  • Yes that is exactly what is meant get them off

  • I could be a little bit embarrassing.

  • I would not be bothered I see panties down all times I soon have yours off . girls panties are made to take off

  • Why are male persons so obsessted with girls panties?

  • No idea why .wonder if females are so excited about male underwear.females panties don't excite me. I happy with a female otk or male

  • Next time when I ought to be spanked I'll ask him me not to wear panties. But I must admit I am a little bit embarrassed even thinking to expose my intimate parts during spanking.

  • Come to my house in llanbradach south Wales I spank you panties off it would be great pleasure for the both of us .

  • Write me to:

  • Are you sure?
    Are you serious?

  • I hope she is sent her e mail

  • Yes, I received the email form you.

  • I replied pity you far away we could have fun .I lucky I several local bottoms to spank and cane

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