My old house

My husband and I ended moving to another state for a better job which obviously pays more, and they moved the whole family. It’s been a little past a year now and I had return to visit some friends and family. We sold our house to his friend Buddy. I ran into buddy at the bar one night, we chatted, told me the house was still the same, and invited me over. So we made plans the next morning to meet up. When I arrived sure enough the outside still hasn’t changed, after I went inside I was amazed how Buddy didn’t change anything, except one of the kids bedroom, he changed that into a small gym.

When I questioned him why he didn’t change anything, he had no comment. Then after he showed me the master bedroom, I asked again, and he said he’s been in love with me since high school and wanted the feeling of being with me, I was a little creeped out at first, cause he even kept the bed sheets. He then shows me the closet where he had some of my clothes, that he took while he was over the house. At that point I told him I had to leave.

Throughout the day I just kept thinking about it, and how creepy it was, I was contemplating telling my husband, but Buddy was texting me all day. I continued to visit family. Buddy wasn’t bad looking, I’ve known him to be with women, just never thought of him like this. But by 6pm I found myself texting him and asking if he was home, sure enough I ended back at my old house, sat in the kitchen drinking wine, hearing how he fantasized about me for years, telling me about certain moments that involved me. He even went out and purchased several perfumes that I wore. He had an outfit for every occasion that he took, gym, casual, club, evening dress, business, lingerie, panties, and shoes to go with.

2hrs has now passed and I told him, if this is gonna happen, he needs to shower and if he wasn’t shaved down below I wouldn’t be sucking it, I went to the shower and I wasn’t surprised my soap & shampoo was there, along with the deodorant that I use. When I got out of the shower, he was on the bed waiting. I attempted to tease him, but I just wanted the dick inside me, I spent the next 2 days and 2 nights with him, fulfilling all his fantasies about fucking me all over the house, wearing all the outfits he took. And I gave him road head on the way to the airport at 5am. I told him I’ll be back every other month if he’s willing to pay for the flight. And he agreed

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