Steeling my aunties and two step daughters knickers and tights

I'm a 38 year old straight man who has a really bad obsession with women's knickers and tights mainly. I cannot stop myself from steeling theirs, what should I do?

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  • Since you can't stop, you're obviously not responsible for your behavior. Embrace the inner-knicker ste[a]ler you are. Undertake this as if it is a life mission. Find a place to display the stolen knickers, and include a write up for each -- date and location stolen, from whom the articles were stolen, etc. That will help the police greatly when they catch up with you and need to return the stolen property.

  • Haha, perhaps your head is made of steel. All kidding aside, I’d say keep “steeling” them. Maybe, just maybe some day you could end up being a water boy for the Pittsburgh Steelers haha... cheers!

  • How about you learn to spell. It's "steal" - to take something without permission. Not "steel" - which is a manufactured good used in buildings and cars.

  • Put then on and let them see u in them

  • Nothing wrong just dont get caught x

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