Im a tights thief

I'm a straight man that has an uncontrolled tights fetish. I get so turned on by women wearing tights, I love the feeling of them and love wearing tights myself. I also cannot stop myself from steeling tights from women I know or someone who has them lying around in a wash basket, washing pile or from their tights draw. I have stolen them from friends mums, sisters and girlfriends. I have also taken them from my really hot aunty V. My naughtiest tights theft is from my two gorgeous ex step daughters who were both about the age of 15ys old when I started taking them. I cannot get the thought of tights out of my mind for very long especially if I happen to lay eyes on a women wearing them. I have stolen so many pairs of tights from lots of sexy women and not so sexy, i really would not have any idea of how many pairs. Why do I do this at any given opportunity and how do I stop myself from taking them even if I am so close to getting caught?

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