When I was younger

Many years ago I had a pee fetish, before leaving for work I would always make sure I had resealable freezer bags, packet of wet wipes and extra knickers in my handbag.
I would hold myself as long as I could, rush to the toilet and pee with my knickers on, clean myself up and put my knickers in a freezer bag.
I would do this every time wanting to pee, I still to this day don’t have an answer for it, it was something I just liked doing, I don’t remember getting turned on by it.

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  • I had a pee fetish when I was a little girl too. Like 7. I would wear my little brothers diapers, and pee outside as much as I could (behind trees.) I don't know if I was exactly turned on, but I was fascinated by my own pee. I would put little pastic containers in my panties, go up to my bunk and pee in them. Only did this a couple times because they spilled everywhere lol. Also I kind of ran wild sometimes because we were a bit poor, so I would wear the same underwear for WEEKS sometimes, and I was fascinated with my own dirty panties too. I think it was like a bridge to masturbation maybe?

  • Just realized you were an adult whoops

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