Dirty Knickers

I was about to do the weekly wash I couldent find any of my husbands handkerchiefs he has a habit of leaving them in his pocket so I searched for them and found more than I expected, three pairs of our daughters dirty knickers, I dumbly thought why would he want with her dirty underwear in his pockets, I have herd some men have a fetish about dirty knickers and like to perform sexual acts with them, she has always been very close to her dad,
Should I really be concerned or not.

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  • It's not as ab-normal, as some make it out to be... everyone's different when it comes to what they're into. I used to get my stepmom's panties and smell them, while I would jerk off. One day, she caught me... and said, "what are you doing with my panties I wore today?" But, instead of it making her mad, she said "so you get my panties when I take em off, and smell my pussy and Jack off with them, huh? I was so embarrassed, until she said so you have been thinking about fucking me for some time now. She unzipped my pants, and said "now I'm gonna show you how much I've wanted u too... and believe it or not, there are lots of people who are interested in that.

  • Its not only men who like sniffing under wear I like to sniff another girls knickers it can tell you a lot about them

  • Some men like to wank into dirty knickers

  • I am a mum I overheard a conversation from some men who were watching a girl as she was walking in front of them and one of them said I could fuck her dirty knickers, I couldent understand why I suppose its a man thing

  • The power of the pussy is sometimes more than a man can resist. It is a small leap from your husband sniiffing your daughters panties to him burying his face in her crotch some night when they are alone together. If I was you, I would keep a close eye on him and her, and perform a nightly sniff check to see if you can smell your daughters scent on your husbands cock.

  • Your first statement is correct. Beyond that, your opinion is acutely bizarre. Certainly any reasonable wife has no credible reason to be perverted enough to perform nightly odor checks on her spouse's genitalia. Cease writing like a child.

  • What on earth are you talking about, read the post again

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