I love thieving girls and women's clothes and shoes

I have a really bad fetish and obsession with thieving teenage girls and women's clothing possessions. I cannot stop stealing their knickers,bras,bodysuits,tops,skirts,dresses,leggings,jeans,high heels and most of all as many pairs of their tights. I absolutely love the thought of wearing them after they have. I have so many pairs of Sexy schoolgirls tights. Another favorite of mine is stealing from my Sexy auntie viv. I have stolen so many pairs of her knickers, I have lost count. I must have taken 60-70 pairs. For a woman in her early 60s she is hot. I have recently taken two of her skirts, three tops, a Sexy little jumper and three of her dresses.

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  • Your a thieving arsehole

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