Exchanging Places

My desire is to be as lucky as my good friend Judy. To have a family like hers and an endowed open minded partner like she has. I would be Jon's sex slave, not to use him whenever I wanted him, like Judy treats him. I wouldn't limit myself to certain sexual activities. He and I talked about our fantasies and likes behind Judy's back. Even done some groping and quickies , for the thrill of not be caught.

If I was Judy, we would swing with members of my family. Not with the underage ones. I would let Jon watch me get bang by my son-in-laws, grandsons and nephews of legal age. Let him collar and leash me and make me his bitch in heat. Be screwed doggy style by family and friends and even our pet dog. Have my daughters wear a strap-on and rough play with my breasts while they screw me. We would hold nude swim parties and cookouts. Have sexual activity out in the woods and the beach while camping.

I want to do all those things with Jon, but I don't really have much of a family. I guess I'm sort of a sex slut after all these years. I've been with younger and done threesomes with couples. I guess Jon and I have to sneak around. Get our kicks out in the parking lot, family restrooms in the stores and in a parked car. We like to know people into BDSM or have a special place for BDSM activity.

Jon and I almost got Judy willing to do a threesome with us. If she agrees, it be a special adventure for us. Maybe opening up some new doors for us leading to more. Judy hinted to me she has a slight interest in her nephew.

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  • My husband paul and I swap spouses with a longtime couple of ours. Twice a year for a week each we swap spouses, and pretend to be married to the other, I do things I couldn't even imagine with paul. It keeps our marriage going. It's been over 10 years since we have this arriangement

  • Wow, please share the things you do that you cannot "imagine with Paul".

  • Allow me to say that Paul is a great husband, and a even better father. The connection I have with Dan is purely sexual. Paul is a 2 position guy, top or bottom, Dan....Dan will have me bent or twisted in some kinda position, even hanging off something while he's pumping me or eating me out. Dan will role play with me (little red riding hood, wizard of oz, Star Trek, Alice in wonderland, cops and robbers, firefighter rescuing a victim, doctor with patient) to name a few. Dan has tied me up, he's even blindfolded me where I think he let some stranger come and touch me. We've peed on each other. Sex in public places, we even had a fake wedding, and went back to the same resort that Paul and I went to for our honeymoon, different wedding dress though. Dan loves showing me off, holding my hand everywhere we go, and the best part besides the sex is that he loves taking pictures with us as a couple, I basically had to send him nudes before he started taking pics of me alone. Lunch dates with Dan, coming to the hospital to fuck me in my office. Who would've ever thought I'll let another man tie me up, and have different types of food inserted into me? Not me of course but I have now. I had my tubes tied so Dan can fill me up with no worries. I love to swallow his cum too. Paul will only have sex in the bedroom when the kids are asleep. This may seem normal to some, but my life has changed thanks to Dan

  • You sound like a very special woman. Clearly Paul is oblivious to how special you are. And from this last post I'm guessing you're a professional--i.e., a doctor, a head nurse, or a hospital administrator since you mentioned your "office at the hospital." For me, at least, that makes you even hotter. You could be one of my neighbors in our upscale suburban neighborhood. My wife sounds like your husband, whereas my fantasies and appetite are like Dan's. I don't have incest fantasies the way you do, nor bestiality. But everything else? You bet.

  • Please allow me to clarify I am totally not into urophilla. I am not into incest either. But men have disrespected me, especially Paul's cousins, during a pool party, I had a little too much wine, and when I went to the room and layed down I noticed them come in and feel me up. If I allowed to go further they would've raped me. But I am a physicians assistant in neurology. Dan and I had an agreement after reading a post on here. Jokingly made a deal that if he returned from a deployment overseas he could have me. But as you can tell it's been a reality. This only happens twice a year for us, and this year was the first time we actually exchanged spouses and stayed in our actual homes. The next trip will be the first trip we don't go to the same place, usually the 4 of us book the same resort or cruise. The agreement has changed over the years, it started with must use protection, no swallowing, no pics, no sexting, and no sneaking around afterwards. We currently still don't sext, nor do we sneak around. I was given an alibi, I had a medical seminar in Florida for 3 nights and 4 days and Dan accompanied me, and Paul spent those days with Lisa. Upscale? Definitely not my friend. We used to live in the city, but yes I did more out to the suburbs, and had 4 children. Yes I attend PTA meetings, do Girl Scouts with my girls, and volunteer at our church, I even make time for our local senior center. And I wanted to add I love giving road head, and love getting banged out in the car too.

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