Total Surprise Gift From Girlfriend

My relationship with my girlfriend is great but the sex activities was getting ho-hum. Judy could see that I was not my self. I was starting to lose interest in her small breasts. She told me she wished her tits was as big as her older cousin's. "Yeah," I said to her. Her cousin Barb has big double or triple D's. "You know Barb been asking me about you. She knows you're nearly ten years younger than her, but you turn her on." said Judy. "Really? does that upset you." I said. Then Judy told me it didn't because Barb and her use to be more than just cousins and Judy played and sucked on Barb's breasts. That's when I found out Judy may have a BI side inside her I thought to myself.
Few weeks later Judy said we was invited over for brunch at Barb's place. We knocked and rang the door bell for awhile, just as we was getting to leave, Barb opened the door. "Sorry, I was still asleep." Barb said. Barb was wearing a see thru nightie and it showed her big tits with pointed dark nipples. The nipples looked like Judy's. Also you could see Barb's dark hairy bush similar to Judy's. The sight of her body gave me a rapid hard on.
We made ourselves comfortable in the living room. While Barb was making drinks, Judy looked down on me and gave a big grin at my bulge. Judy unzipped me and pulled out my dick. "What the hell you're doing?" I said to her. "Being naughty!" she said. I went to the bathroom and jerked off. When I returned Judy and Barb was kissing and groping. This brought back my boner. Just then Judy told me she decided to watch me with Barb. "Really?" I said. "I want her to experience your cock as well as you experience the breasts that she has." Judy answered. Judy watched me tit fuck Barbs tits as Judy face sat Barb. I pulled on Judy's big dark nipples. I came all over Barb's breasts and watched Judy lick off my cum off.
The rest of Judy's related family doesn't know that Judy and I and Barb have sexual fun now and then.

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  • HEY is everybody happy now, I notice everyone has returned so no damage done

  • Boss came back so I had to post as much as I could, but gee it was fun while it lasted

  • It was fun trolling you

  • I think junior may have gotten the ole smackdown from big daddy. He hasn't been on here with any dumbass comments.

  • Awww, looks like big daddy come home and smacked the shit out of his kid. Back to posting shit again.

  • Https://

    FUCK this website and FUCK the pussy ass motherfuckering administrator who stupidly believes his visitors will continue putting up with his shit, and not leave.

    See you all at raw confessions. FUCK YOU NP, I'M OUT A HERE. 🖕

  • I see you wankers are getting ever so anxious for new posts, let me think, no not yet

  • Good GOOD, let the hate flow through you. Destroy your own fan base. Fucking dumbass retard.

  • Go to it’s updated daily

  • Not as good as Naughty Posts

  • There are many many websites that allow immediate posting, along with pics and vids. Such as Reddit and Tumblr to name a couple.
    They are all way better than fighting with a web administrator who refuses to post anything because his fans started giving him a hard time about waiting so long.
    Instead of taking their feedback and criticism as an opportunity to improve, he decided to fight with them which does nothing except drive away his own visitors.
    Either the administrator knows nothing about business or the they are a child. Either way, the one person on here saying he's driving his own customers away, is right. The one running the business always loses when all the customers disappear.

  • There is Raw Confessions as well!!

  • They will return ten fold because this is the best confession site

  • Keep telling yourself that lie. You are an ignorant child.

  • Whatever, but what I say goes currently I am the BIG man here, so get fucked

  • You aren't shit when your visitors tell you to get fucked and go to another website. But you're too fucking stupid to understand that. Maybe because you're all of what? 13 fucking years old? Grow the fuck up.

  • Here here!!

  • You are nothing of the sort

  • Naughty Post doesn't update their shit, think I'll switch to have a nice life NP, I'm out a here.

  • You ready to give up yet and post something? Probably not, too busy jacking your little peepee

  • Boss has to go into self imposed isolation because he was overseas, so I am still the big man around here for a while yet, good eh ?
    Suffer you perverts and wankers.

  • Don't slip off your little dick.

  • Where ya at buttcheese?? I'm about done fucking yo momma, she's ready to go home.

  • Ok ghetto boi

  • That right crackhead, yo momma was hanging off my big black dick like a real ho. biatch sucked my dick clean dry.

  • Perhaps this site and confessionpost are finishing?? No new posts for ages. What a shame!

  • Certainly sounds like your correct.

  • The owners are too busy jacking eachother off. I heard one slipped off the other and damnear knocked his head clean off. Jacking is dangerous buiness.

  • Or holiday with his daughter??

  • Lucky bastard

  • Or son

  • Again lucky bastard!! Lol

  • Now the post below just proves how this site has deteriorated it is really getting very disgusting, such crap should never be allowed.
    I am so glad that the web master/assistant has made a stand against such terrible behaviour.

  • Thank you so much sir your an inspiration.

  • Inspiration?? I'm making fun of you dingdong.

  • Thats not nice , your being a prick

  • Boohoo, cry me a river.

  • Big bois don’t cry..

  • Too bad you're not a big boy.
    Fyi, it's boys BOYS (B*O*Y*S). Learn how to spell you fucking idiot.

  • Gee so are you the fucking speling police? Your about as smart as the dingleberry on my ass from eating banana tacos last night.

  • Omg, that is soooo funny, I almost forgot to laugh. Stop liking your own shit, it makes you looking fucking desperate.

  • You are the desperate one riding in your beater Toyota listening to Vanilla Ice.

  • At least I have a beater Toyota. How's that bicycle working out for ya?

  • Me too, such disgusting behavior from a bunch of perverts visiting a website named 'naughty posts'. What the FUCK did you expect??

  • Are you being sarcastic ?

  • What's your name Sheldon Cooper??

  • It’s Mike P and I live in DC in public housing with mother

  • A bit of class and decorum

  • I got a surprise gift from my mom two months ago....her body. Years ago I had already lost track of how many times I had busted a nut thinking of fucking her.
    It didn't take long for my mom being apart from her boyfriend, and me being apart from my girlfriend, to masturbate often. We were both horny from not having sex for so long.

    We were watching a movie and a pretty hot sex scene came on. After watching it, we just kind of looked at each other, then we were making out. Just like with my girlfriend we were French kissing, breathing heavy, I was fondling one of my mom's perfect tits under her shirt and bra. My mom got up taking my hand in hers leading me to her bedroom.

    My mom started removing her clothing so I followed her example. As soon as we were naked my mom turned down the bed pulling the covers down to the foot of the bed. Immediately I was sucking on my mom's nipples as I fingered her pussy. My mom was stroking my cock with precum dripping out the slit on my cock head.

    Since were both moaning and breathing so heavy, I rolled on top of my mom with my hard cock between her legs. Her tits against my chest, I could feel her hard nipples smashed against my chest. I pushed my hard cock into her dripping wet pussy. I was surprised to find my mom's pussy felt like my girlfriend's. We are a perfect fit as the head of my cock is against her cervix, my pelvic bone is against her clit.

    We began kissing passionately as we fucked, moaning into each others mouths. My mom running her hands up and down my back, thrusting upward to meet my thrusts. I broke our kiss and extended my arms. I watched my cock fucking my mom's pussy, and her tits bouncing in stride with my movements.

  • Hot! I'd love to fuck my mum!

  • How shocking, your an arsehole

  • Am I going to have to post my confession of pooping my pants and having my husband clean me up here

  • Yep... webmaster is being a crybaby little bitch. He's getting trolled hard.

  • No of course not you filthy bitch

  • With his tongue? Sure

  • Hey buttplug, hows the boycott coming along? Still waiting for mommy to come stroke your little peter?

  • Very well from my side thank you, obviously not so well for you wankers, just think how good this is the boss will never find out.
    21 days

  • Keep on counting. You dudes are getting trolled hard.

  • 19 days with no updates, that must be a record.

  • The webmaster is pissed because people were given him a hard time. Typically manchild who still lives at home with mommy and daddy.

  • Keep it up, keep it up, being critical has got you a long way so far EH ?

  • Duh, that's the whole idea. Keep trolling you so you never post again. How fucking stupid can you be?? I have literally told you my plan a few times, you're just too fucking stupid to understand it's working. How old are you? 12? Lmfao!

  • Perhaps someone is on holiday?

  • Yep the boss is and I am in CONTROL

  • You are not in control, you only think you are.

  • Lol, says the web master who is being manipulated into driving his own visitors away.

  • Who wants to bet on that

  • I’ve already placed it. The FBI is on this site and tracing threads down.

  • Hey guys good news the boss is staying away for a few more days.
    That gives me extra time to really piss you wankers off, I am really enjoying this fun never had such a good time.
    Any complaints please refer to Joshua I will make sure they go into the correct bin.

  • Oh oh, somebody thinks he's got his big boy panties on. Lmfao.

  • Come on faggoty motherfucker. Bitch some more about how all your fucking customers are assholes. I bet it's doing wonders for your potential to make money Bill Gates. LMFAO!!

  • We don't make much money, just do it so you dickheads can yank and dream about the posts

  • No shit you guys don't make much money. Because you SUCK at your job. And who the fuck do you think jacks off to your stupid stories? People can watch free porn on the internet, they don't need your ridiculously stupid and fake stories for that.
    You guys must be mentally fucking retarded.
    Make money, don't make money, either way your customers won't come back the longer you refuse to post updates.. You're just too fucking stupid to understand that.

  • Everybody will come back because they all love this site, cannot do without it

  • What site? YOU DON'T POST SHIT. People won't come to your site if you have nothing to offer. You really are a dumb motherfucker.

  • Naughty, naughty, they will log on by the thousand.

  • Keep dreaming little homo

  • Web master is in jail for 10 years he was living in his mums basement then he got caught for raping one of his tenants young girl

  • Or he was jacking off so hard to one of the post, that he slipped off, hit himself in the face, and knocked himself clean out. What a sight for his mom. Find her baby boy knocked out cold on his bedroom floor, cock out, and a lump on his head. Who knew Rosie was into BDSM. 🤣🤣🤣

  • They better post new threads in here or Trump will get mad.

  • Not getting your way EH ? may not be long and I just might update the posts, because my boss gets back soon

  • Melanie won’t give me sex and KellyAnne is too skanky, so the stories really help me forget I’m a giant fuckup

  • Terribly sad for you buddy

  • HEY are you goons getting pretty well pissed off cause the posts are not being updated ?
    Well wait a while longer pricks

  • That was my whole plan. Fucking retard.
    Keep pissing you off so you won't post. Then people will stop coming to your shitty website. In the end, you lose. You're taking the bate hook, line, and sinker. Dumb motherfucker. LMFAO!

  • Come on don't give me that shit you clown, your in the fetal position in the corner crying and whinging about not having any new posts to wank over.
    You are coming on every five minutes to see if anything has been updated your getting frantic you will be the first one to see any updates, but just not now HAHAHA

  • Who's coming on here checking every 5 minutes? One only needs to look at the time stamp on the post to see who the real loser is. Keep on holding out bud. LMFAO!

  • I once orgasmed all over my gf's chest, and she pulled my head down to rub her tits in my face. I licked and sucked my sperm off of her body as she giggled. She asked if I thought it tasted good. I lied and told her it wasn't a big deal. We shared a lot of my cum after that first time.

  • I had a bf do that, but then he spat his cum in my mouth. It was really hot.

  • I don't understand why her giggles make it so much better. I would literally do anything to hear those sexy giggles and teasing comments.

  • Some goons that come onto this site cannot wait five minutes for their fantasies to be published, maybe we can do without them.

  • Five minutes?? Where the fuck you been retard? This asshole hasn't published shit in over a fucking week, and he doesn't even write the shit. Now that's fucking lazy.

  • Still being a very rude little prick arn't you

  • Fuck off wanker boy bitch

  • I know the reason on why you are not posting new posts, it’s because of the pervert ideology, the Fucking Pride month of a bunch of idiots who tell all of us what there sexual preferences are, man on man, women on women, transgender or fucking drag queens story time, and I know that you got a email from the top brass Of Apple and google telling you don’t post anything more until Pride month is over, or they are gonna ban your site or shut it down, they told you don’t fucking post shit until Pride month is over, because your site might make a gay or lesbian or tranny cry their fucking eyes out and report your site for homophobia towards the LGBTQ or the LGBTQP ( pedo bashing).
    That’s exactly what happened to your site. It’s exactly what happened to your site is it not, homosexuality is not normal behaviour, it’s because is not normal, it was founded by the Romans and Greeks and Amazon women in ancient times and it was founded by rapes and lots of rapes in children, Your own homophobia posts got you shut down and you don’t know when you are coming back, well don’t come back because you don’t want anything to do with this perverted fornication known as the LGBTQ society.

  • What?

  • Your being very rude you know


  • I was not the only rude one you know, many people are more rude than I ever was, compared to them, I’m a Angel. The Spanish Inquisition was rude and they never got in any trouble for putting Muslims/Jews/Gays to death, Muslims have killed more gays than Christianity has, Jews were the founders of putting Gays to death, just read the First 5 Books of Moses and we see that Moses was a homosexual when he was A Prince of Egypt, he never told us why he truly ran away from Egypt, he ran away because Royal life was not so glamorous or wonderful as it seemed, Moses was raped by the royal family of Egypt many times as a child and young adult. That’s why Moses was so homophobic in his writings that gave way to homophobia in Christianity/Islam and Judaism.

  • Zzzzzzzz. Blah blah. Omg you rude and very, very boring. Why don't you fuck off to Raw Confessions where all the dickheads are like you? And you can all be angry at each other and compare you tiny dick sizes! You're someone who pretends to have high morals when in fact you are probably a pedo!!

  • Your frigin mad you jerk, get fucked and piss off

  • You are right mr.Web Master, please don’t post anything, please wait until the new year of Jan 1st 2025 Or 2026 before u post anything ever again, by that time all us children will be Full grown adults or all of us will be dead by that time, Farwell Mr.Web Master, enjoy the rest of your normal life and we ugly disgusting Trolls will crawl back into our caves or under our bridges and we will die Or evolve back into human beings.

  • Well you really are just a goat arn't you, your only hanging around because your a pervert, got nothing better to do than have a wank while reading these posts, now I don't mind that but don't criticise OK

  • I know the reason on why you are not posting new posts, it’s because of the pervert ideology, the Fucking Pride month of a bunch of idiots who tell all of us what there sexual preferences are, man on man, women on women, transgender or fucking drag queens story time, and I know that you got a email from the top brass Of Apple and google telling you don’t post anything more until Pride month is over, or they are gonna ban your site or shut it down, they told you don’t fucking post shit until Pride month is over, because your site might make a gay or lesbian or tranny cry their fucking eyes out and report your site for homophobia towards the LGBTQ or the LGBTQP ( pedo bashing). That’s exactly what happened to your site.

  • Your pretty smart buster

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • YOU'RE .. at least spell shit right if you're going to be a dick. Fucking retard.

  • True that! Just ignore hom

  • Go back to school and see if you can pass infant class

  • True that, just ignore him!

  • You pricks just shit me, if you had any idea what the task entails you might look at life a bit different, fuck everything has to be responded to immediately, you can all go and get fucked, what have you assholes offered to the site other than critisism

  • What are you talking about "what have you assholes offered to the site"????
    We're the ones writing your shit you dumb motherfucker. It's our fucking stories your lazy ass can't even pass along. Gtfoah. Fuckin retarded.

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Yep, fucking retarded.. can only hit the zzzzzzz button. Too fucking retarded to come up with anything else. Derrr

  • Zzzzzzzzzz😴😴😴

  • Oh please Mike Pence go see Mommy and quit complaining

  • I think the web master of this site has passed away, RIP to this site, may you burn in heck for all eternity.

  • Cut the webmaster some slack. He probably has a life, unlike the people who post here. He likely does this site as a hobby to see what kind of human filth shows up. I think this place is great.

  • Please, this joker is a 40 year old dude who still lives in mommy and daddy's basement. He don't have no fucking life. POS.
    You're probably the webmaster posing as someone else cause you're TRYING to act like you have people on your side. POST OUR SHIT OR SHUT THE FUCKING SITE DOWN. DICK HEAD.
    This site is a shitty site anyway. I just come here to fuck with people. I can do that anywhere. Lmfao!!!

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Shut the fuck up wanker boy.

  • Oooooo, WANKER BOY... LMFAO.
    Wanker skanker. Bwahahaha

  • I agree with you. Nothing new for over a week. The King is dead, long live the Queen!

  • Get stuffed you prick, if you can do better apply for the job if not piss off

  • This joker telling everyone to piss off is probably the fucking web master. Listen dude, just do your fucking job. It's not that fucking hard. Read the submissions and then click approve. People get tired of you dicking around forever, meanwhile we all sitting here reading the same fucking post. If you'd take some other advice and fix your fucking order issue, it probably wouldn't be that bad, but you slam in shit tons of them until they drop off the page, then we get stuck with what's left on page 1 for over a week. Fix your fucking web page to order correctly or do your motherfucking job and approve the post on regular basis. It's not that fucking hard dude.

  • Well your a frigin genious arn't you, you have no idea what happens here as I said before shut the fuck up and piss off you jerk, I will release the posts when I feel like it

  • Stop being such a fucking prick and do your fucking job. We're trying to give you honest feedback and you just want a be a dick.
    You don't want to release post, fine. I don't have to visit your shitty website. No wonder you're not making any money on advertising. Fuckin dumbass.

  • Stop being rude, you cunt

  • I'm fucking your mother's cunt

  • 😴😴😴😴

  • Wake up, your mommy is there a change your dipper.

  • Shut the fuck up you bloody limey

  • Your just a prick and certainly a little one at that

  • You got a little prick?? Man you should keep that info to yourself and your poor wife. No wonder your wife has been over sucking my dick lately.

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Im still fucking your wife. Bitch is hanging on my dick like true slut.

  • Zzzz zzzzzz

  • Unexpected 3some it’s amazing. I went for a weekend with my wife and her friend as her hubby couldn’t make it. After a few drinks in the hot tub the two of them were giving me a footjob and for the rest of the weekend I was constantly fucking both of them!

  • Had an “unexpected” 3 some with my bf and his friend. I was planning it for weeks, but to my bf it was unexpected

  • That's bloody lovely! I'd love a threesome! The ultimate threesome would have to be me, my wife and my sister!

  • Now look here this is untrue, your lieing and thats not nice

  • Cheeky boy have warts on his hands from wanky wanky

  • My girlfriend's mom is very sexy. She's divorced and goes out with friends occasionally, but no relationships. My gf noticed me checking her mother out more than a few times. One day she asked if I wanted to fuck her mom? Figuring it was a joke, I just said that I definitely would. She said good, because she wants to fuck you.

  • OH now this is just bull shit

  • Sounds like a great opportunity! Lol

  • What can you actually offer as proof that this happened, sounds a bit sus to me

  • Not one thing just shows that it is total crap

  • When I was in my early twenties my girlfriend and her bestfriend asked if they could do a threesome for her boyfriend for his Birthday. He had asked his girlfriend and wanted her bestfriend, my girlfriend. So naturally the bestfriend asked my girlfriend, who agreed but only if I agreed to let her. So they both came and asked me. I told them I would let her if they had a threesome with me in return. The bestfriend and my girlfriend returned to her boyfriend with the offer, but he refused. He not only refused, he got pissed about it and started fighting with his girlfriend over it. In the end they broke up and me, my girlfriend, and her bestfriend had a threesome anyway. Dumb motherfucker.

  • Excellent. If your girlfriend's friend is single, why don't you dare them both?

  • I mean date them both

  • This reminds me of in my twenties a friend of mine got me and a few of our other friends, as a gift for her boyfriend for his birthday, to rub our tits all over his blindfolded face. She had small tits, so I guess he just wanted to suck on some big ones as a treat.

  • I would have loved that. I'd be trying to figure out which of your friends tits I was sucking on. Then I'd be thinking of them as I fucked my girlfriend with small tits.

  • He knew it was me. I’ve got those big pencil erasers nips that get diamond hard. There’s no way he didn’t know it was me. And he always stared at the beach. He knew.

  • Now really I don't think this happened OH probably true about you having a wank but your always doing that aren't you

  • That's great of your wife to let you fuck her cousin. Nothing like fucking a new pussy with some nice big tits. I would have fucked the shit out of Barb!

  • I love to see some bush, it really turns me on! Tells me I'm not with a little girl.

  • Hairy pussy is the best ! I’m dying to be with a girl with a hairy asshole too because I always lick their asses.

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