Horsing Around

I've taken all types of cock in my vagina and it's been double penetrated by two penis's. For some strange reason I crave animal sex now and then. I do Judy's Dalmatian as she and Jon watches. I got to where I enjoy sucking Tucker's dick and being filmed by them when I'm doing Tucker. I would watch horse sex videos with Jon and Judy and learn how to handle their huge dick. Judy watches me as Jon role plays with me. He would be my stallion and I would be his filly. Jon found a place on the internet where they entertain people that has a horse fetish. We booked a vacation there for several days. We reserved a room at a motel in that town and did our usual threesome that night. I brought along a monster dildo so they can use it on me while watching a horse sex video.

We got to the farm. People there was friendly and understanding. We watched others do their thing with the horse. A camera man was available for the asking. It was my schedule time to play. Judy, Jon and I was nude at the pen area and so was this other friendly couple we met there. I grabbed the horse's cock and slapped it over my big breasts and rubbed my kitty with it. It aroused Jon and that couple , so the men slapped their dicks across the gals breasts and rubbed the ladies vagina. I got on the special bench and the handler directed the horse's dick to my vagina. Everyone was surprised that my vagina stretched for that cock. The handler sort of pushed it in further and it was a delightful pain and I screamed out. That's when the horse started thrusting it in my vagina I was screaming in delightful pain as it pushed it in deeper. Suddenly the horse's sperm gushed out of me. The place had an outdoor shower for people to clean up. We had dinner with the couple we met and invited them to our motel room to share some fun. Besides catering to special needs, the place was a nudist resort where we hung out for a couple of days.

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  • I would really like to get naked and spend a few days with a hot female that liked animal cock. Would really enjoy watching a dog and a horse fuck her and her suck them off and let them cum in her mouth. Any other animal would be hot to watch and I think it is very hot and kinky and a bit nasty and dirty and would be very exciting to watch. Would like to get sucked off while she lets a big dog fuck her and knot her pussy.

  • I to love having sex with animals. I started by letting the family pet Max a Shepard / Husky mix fuck me from behind. He showed interest so I let him have fun with me. Then I let one of the donkeys have a try. I ended up just sucking him off. He made lots of semen. I couldn't handle all of it. I have fucked a few of the horses on our farm and also sucked on their huge penis's. I so enjoy it when they slide their huge cocks inside of my womb and fuck me the way I was meant to be. No man can give me what I need. My husband has no idea what I do when he's at work. I take care of the horses. That's what I do.

  • I agree, once you've tasted horse cum, and had there cocks in your pussy and asshole. Theres no man that can ever satisfy you again. If my husband didn't make some much money, I would divorce him and marry one of my horses.

  • Thats hot, where is this magical farm?

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