Wicked Cheating Sexual Fun

I married on older man for security. Now he has gotten limp dick. I been doing one night stands with women and men until my best girlfriend introduced me to her new boyfriend. Judy is divorce. She and I are the same age. Her boyfriend Jon is five years younger. She bragged to me how endowed he was and knew what turns on a woman.

The first time I saw and met him, I got turned on, He was handsome and muscular. I seen him look at the cleavage that my huge breasts produced. Judy breasts was small B cup. Us three hung out together now and then. I started wearing bras one size smaller so my breast would bulge up. Judy didn't know, but now and then I would pinch Jon's sex butt.

One night while sitting next to Jon while dining out, I placed my hand on his lap and worked it up and down from his groin. He turned his head and looked down my blouse and I smiled. As we got up from the table I had to pinch that hot butt of his.

Couple of weeks later, Judy was holding a cookout. Jon and I went inside the house to get some items. While in the kitchen, I put my arms around him and tongue kissed him. As everyone was leaving I placed a note with my phone number in his hand and as I kiss him on his cheek, whispered , "Call me babe."

That night Jon called. Our conversation led to phone sex. He told me he wouldn't be with Judy the next day and wanted me to come over. So the following day I put on the most sexy and hottest clothes on.

He opened the door. "You like?" I said. Then I stepped in, wrapping my arms around him giving him heavy kisses. He was squeezing my breasts and I slipped one hand down squeezing his bulge. I went down taking out my breasts and he pulled out his dick. Judy told the truth about his endowment. "I want you to wrap those sexy breasts around it." he said. As I wrapped them, I also sucked his dick.

In the bedroom I got on top of him slowly guiding his huge manhood into me, leaned forward so my huge breasts dangled in front of his face. He did something I didn't expect, he began slapping them. No one ever done that before and I liked it. He told me to lay back and spread my legs. I thought he wanted to do missionary sex with me. Instead he started to slap my kitty and it was turning me on. He knew I enjoyed it. "Judy doesn't care for it. " he said. Finally told me to go on all fours and let my hot sex breasts sway as he dog me from behind. He put his dick in my already soaked kitty, grabbed my hair, pulled my head back, a pumped away. Slapping my ass now and then.

He sure did know how to push the right buttons. While he's with Judy, we sex text each other and try new things together when he's not with her. As for my husband he is so blind on what's going on, or just doesn't care.

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  • My question is did Judy burn herself when she “held a cookout” haha. English, gotta love it!

  • This will all just leave people in tears

  • Keep it up. It sounds so hot. Enjoy. 😎

  • Enjoy that cock girl!

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