Still Craves Me

Jon and I fooled around behind my best friends back. He loved my big breasts and tasty pussy. I enjoyed his tongue and that cock of his. He wanted to leave my best friend and have a relationship with me. I didn't want to lose my friendship with her and regretted my decision of not grabbing Jon.
She and Jon broke up and it was possible of me getting Jon but he left the area before I had the chance of grabbing him. Ten years went by and I was nearing 73, then I bumped into him at a Wal Mart store. He jokingly said," I see that your tits has fallen and you put weight on but your still sexy as ever and I want to get it on with you if interested." We exchanged phone numbers and started chatting with each other which led to having me move in with him and enjoying sex again. Luckily he's five years younger and still has the sex drive. He loves oral sex, giving and receiving. my juices causes him to have premature ejaculation and sucking him causes him to cum in my mouth.
Our best sex play is when I sit on his wonderful shaft and let my tits dangle and swing as we hump. He likes to show me off at a nudist camp and we swing while camping at times.

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