Visit to the Nudist Camp

I decided to see what it was like at the local nudist resort. Walking about I spotted Tom, my best girlfriend's boyfriend. "Judy here too?" I asked. He told me she wasn't with him because she didn't believe in walking about naked in front of other people. He brought his camper over for the weekend. He told Judy he was going camping at the state park with a couple of guys, but really wanted to remember old times he had with his ex wife. "Yes, Judy told me you and your ex were wife-swappers."

I liked what I saw and so did he. I asked to see his camper. "Very nice!" I said. He offered me some wine and I accept it. His dick started to get hard. Rules here was no boner in public, cover with towel. He told me my breasts reminds him of his wife. "Was she Bi?" I asked. Yes he said, and she would of enjoyed a threesome with the three of us. I told Tom I've been trying to get Judy to do a threesome and swing. Tom would tug his boner now and then as we chatted and sipped the wine.

" I don't want to destroy the friendship I have with Judy, but ever since she introduced you to me, I had the hots for you." I said. Same here he told me. I suggested we get together behind Judy's back. Screw and swing starting now.

I went down on his boner. Tugged, licked, sucked and kissed it. Wrapped my tits around it. "You're freaking Hot, Linda" he said. We went on the bed and he kept pumping me . Seemed like forever. "You got stamina, babe!" I screamed. "Only because you're so hot/sexy, baby! Your breasts turns me on!" he tells me. He admitted to me that Judy's breast was so plain looking. Tom preferred to lick her bush until he was ready to explode and shoot it over it.

We showered and walked around to see if other nudist couples would be interested in us. We connected with several others that weekend and we enjoyed the fun there.

Tom and I phone and text each other a lot. I don't want to lose Judy's long time friendship, but I want Tom. If only we can get a polyamory relationship going. I think if I can trick Judy in cheating on Tom, she'll open her mind.

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