I convinced wife now she’s hooked

I’m 52 and my wife is 45. It was me that brought up sharing. It took about a year before I finally noticed her starting to flirt with younger guys. This turned me on to finally catch on. We would go out and the more she drank the more daring she would get. She finally invited a young handsome tall male to join us back at our hotel one night in San Diego. I was really proud of her and on the walk back to our hotel I asked her to change into something sexy just in case he did show up. After waiting till around 1:30 in the morning we figured he wasn’t going to show but I mentioned to her that I was proud of her for inviting him. Just when we were ready to stop drinking we heard a knock. We were both excited and it was him. After serving him several drinks my wife grabbed his hand to dance. When a good sexy song came on she would dance sexy by him. It wasn’t long before a slow dance came on when I went to make us another drink I came back to see them locked in a passionate kiss. I then noticed his hands slide inside her robe and fondling her ass. I shut off all the lights and shortly her hand went for his bulge. I was very excited by then. Next thing you see is her hand pulling out his cock while they dance and before long his entire cock was out. I was very impressed at what I was looking at. Soon after touching it she dropped to her knees and started kissing g and kicking it. After a while she started to hungrily suck on it. The moans she made were so hot as if though it was the best tasting cock ever. This went on for a while till she moved him to the bed and guided him inside of her. His strokes were long and slow at first. She sounded as though she had waited for his cock forever. By now I could easily tell he was over 8 inches. Once she could no longer take the slow fucking she begged him to fuck her good and hard. This is what made me drop a load all over the carpet.
He was pumping her hard deep and fast. Her hands were all over his body and she could not stop kissing him deep and so passionately. I asked her if she liked his cock and she told me she loved it. She even told me his cock was going to make her explode any minute. As he continued to pump her hard I told him to fuck her deep as he could and be sure and cum deep inside of her. At this point I knew all I could do was eat her out as big as his cock was compared to mine. After fucking Olivia my gorgeous Hispanic wife for about 45 minutes he came inside of her.
I saw all her thick cream all over his white cock. I saw how much bigger he was than me. After he got dressed he thanked us and we invited him back over if he wanted. As soon as he left I layed in bed with Olivia and she admitted his cock was one of the best she’s ever experienced and she would love to do it again. Of course I went down on her and make her cum with my mouth. While in bed we wondered if we should have let a young blonde blue eyed guy make my wife pregnant at an earlier age. She loved the idea but we were past all that. So far we met with 4 white guys and it’s the best sex we have ever experienced

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  • Sweet. Thanks for sharing.

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