The "Forbidden" fruit

Just days before we were forced into this whole quarantine stuff, I had the best fuck of my life, and it was with someone "forbidden": my own aunt.
She's my mother's much younger sister, and the "black sheep" of a very conservative family, which is why I didn't see her as much as family at first, but on the rare occassions we met as I became older, I noticed I was much more like-minded to her than to the rest of my family, so we hit it off instantly whenever we saw each other.
She's currently in her late 40s but doesn't look it, mostly because she's the "forever young", liberal type: perpetually unmarried and with no children by choice, with a revolving gallery of partners (as young as 18 and as old as 70, some of them women), and an athletic, tight body covered in tattoos. She's the kind of woman you can run into during a rock concert, chilling with a beer in hand, or partying at a hot nightclub.
Which is what happened one saturday night, when I went clubbing with some friends from work. We bumped into each other and started to talk instantly and excitedly, and my friends mistook that for me trying to hook up with an older woman. Out of embarrassment I didn't clarify that to them, but my aunt noticed."Do they know who I am?", she asked me after I returned from getting us some drinks. When I said no, she asked me to play along and started dancing with me more sensually. And I really got into it... but felt ashamed when I got an erection. I tried to back away, but she grabbed me by the neck and whispred into my ear that it was ok. She rubbed herself on it and I let myself get carried away. My friends started cheering from the bar when she and I started to make out. Which we continued on the Uber ride to her place. I stopped myself from thinking anything: deep down I knew it was technically incest. But I didn't want to deny myself a night of pleasure with such a desirable woman. As did she: as soon as we got to the bedroom, she told me to have my way with her.
After the first round of rough, passionate fucking, I became painfully unfit for the task, so she took over and guided me through the process of fulfilling my sexual fantasies through her in one night, which later became the whole of Sunday. And that is how I discovered how it felt to cum down a woman's throat, and how it feels to fuck someone bareback in the ass, or how it feels to cum inside the pussy of a woman from your own family. It ended up being a weekend of extreme, intense pleasure, and I take pride in having being able to make a woman like that cum hard at least a few times. As soon as the sun went down, however, she kicked me out and asked me to not tell a word of this to anyone. Which I haven't, publicly. She also is, reluctantly, part of the family whatsapp group, and whenever we participate she pretends nothing hs ever happened between us. As do I, but holy fuck, I'd love it if this happened again.

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