Gay encounter

I was at a party one night with my gay friend. Most of the guys there were gay as well. Tgats fine i have no problem with that. Plenty of girls tgere too. Ill keep it short. I had several guys hit on me thru the night. I got drunk and horny. I told my friend i needed to go upstairs and lay down but loud enuff for everyone to hear. I went up n layed face down on a bed closed the door with the lights off like i was sleeping. Well about 20 min or so someone came in. I heard them say my name and ask if i was ok but i didnt move. He left. A few min later he was back and asked again but i didnt respond. Well now i can feel him sit on the bed. The bed starts shaking. Door opens again n i hear multiple voices saying wtf is goin, what r u doing etc. They caught him jerking off next to me. I hear them talk about how drunk i must b to not wake up n shit. I think there is 4 voices including my friend. I hear him say how hes always thot i was cute and soneone said they wanted to see my ass . It goes quiet and i feel my shorts coming down. I hear whispers about how nice it is. Then i feel a hand squeezing it. Then more. Then a finger is moving closer to my asshole. I feel shaking again. I hear pants coming off. 4 guys standing around me jerking off. Finally one is fingering my ass. I hear them say if they do this thet cant tell anyone. I feel a dick on my face and then someone crawls on top of me. I feel lube drizzling down my ass crack. Someone is entering me. I feel their breathe on my neck and hear their moans. I hear the others moaning n jerking with excitement. I start to moan n they notice. Shit hes waking up. I hear hold him down. They hold me whike the one keeps going. He cums in my ass and gets off. He runs out of the room. A min later he comes back with 3 more guys. They shut n lock the door. I proceed to 6 more guys rape me and shoot their loads deep inside me

10 months ago

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