Her messy undies.

Once, a girl I used to hook up with contacted me out of the blue. We didn’t date - I’d only met her a couple times before that but - she was a very dirty girl. She told me she couldn’t mess around - she had a boyfriend now - but wanted to hang out a bit. One night she asked if she & her dude could stop by to burn one with me. He was an ordinary kinda dude - kinda nerdy, but I was a cordial and respectful host... until his girlfriend texted me - right there in front of her boyfriend - “You make me so wet... I think about you when I fuck him,”

The text came in and I got hard as soon as I read it. I looked up at her as we sat on my couch. Her guy was sitting RIGHT THERE with her!

Her eyes met mine & I was unbelievably horny for her. So much so, I started to care less & less about her guy. I texted her, “Go to the bathroom & take off your panties. Leave them under the sink for me,”

I heard the text come in & just the anticipation had my cock throbbing...
She quietly got up & went to my bathroom. I don’t even remember what I said to her guy but - it was only to break the silence.

As she came out of the bathroom, my phone dinged again... “I was so wet... they were soaked through.”

I excused myself as I went into the bathroom. There, as instructed, were her red lace thongs. And - as promised, they were soaked & smelled of pussy. I held them to my face and felt her wetness against my lips... I sucked on them & my cock ached. I remembered eating her pussy in an alley outside of a bar - that first night we hooked up. I took out my phone m sent her pics of my cock against her panties - swollen & wet w spit n precum.. I sent her a pic of her panties- now wet with a large deposit of my own semen - which shot out thick over the crotch...

I could her her messages coming in as I walked out. She was blushing- obviously turned on...

The three of us sat & smoked on the couch. My herb was strong & it didn’t take much for us all to feel the effects. The boyfriend asked if he could smoke a cigarette & I directed him to my front porch. His girlfriend shot me a wicked smile. As soon as he walked out and the door closed, she opened her legs wide & touched herself through her tights. I went to her - kissing her deeply. She moaned into my mouth when I grabbed one of her full tits & pinched at her hard nipple. She grabbed my dick through my jeans. “I need you in me,” she whispered. We kissed and touched until we heard her boyfriend at the door. When he came in, I could taste his girl’s lips on mine.

She got up & went back to the bathroom. “I’m wearing my panties again,” she texted. My cock was aching knowing my cum was against her pussy. It was so dirty. Once - before they left, she opened her legs again for me & I could clearly see a big wet spot where she’d soaked right through.

I should have felt guilt - but I knew her guy wouldn’t be able to satisfy his slutty girl. She would probably always need someone that could fuck her like a whore.

She split up with him a few weeks later & came over to celebrate while still on her birth control & I fucked her eight times in one day & left her sore & dripping cum.

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  • Reminds me of me and my neighbor. He would text me stuff like that when he was coming over. I’d leave my panties in the bathroom for him and he’d cum in them, then I’d put them on and we’d smile at each other over knowing I was sitting in his jizz.

  • Sounds like j and I

  • Fucking awesome

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