Does anyone have fetishes like mine?

Ever since I was young, I've had sexual fetishes for hands, feet, and bellies. However, over the years, I have developed a rather niche sub-fetish for each of my interests. Thanks to shows like Oobi, Sesame Street, some weird internet videos, and, most recently, Nickelodeon's short film Innie and Outie, I have developed a fetish for talking body parts dressed up to look like heads For example, I am turned on by feet that have faces drawn on their soles, have wigs in their toes (the toes sticking out of the top would be optimal), and, if possible, have extra bits of clothing or jewelry attached. Considering how uncommon it is for a person to be sexually attracted to this stuff, I would like to know if there's anyone who has fetishes like this. Also, if you were in a situation where your partner was interested in this stuff, would you satisfy their kink? I'm willing to answer questions you may have about my fetishes.

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  • Wait a minute here. I'm getting ALLLLL sorts of shit about wondering if a woman loves sucking another woman's tongue or a man's dick, being called a sicko and a weirdo, but this is okay. To me, this is just more extreme. I'm not cuffing and beating the woman or anything like some porn sites and listcrawler pages advertise. People nowadays.

  • That would be you ken, a rapist and fetish fool. can't wait to see you in court for rape of other women !

  • I just read a post on here about a guy whose kid jerks off to " Asian feet " on his computer. Oh shit, that's probably you !

  • That’s not me.


  • That is definitely something I’m not turned on by lol.

  • I once shit a huge turd that looked exactly like Barry Obama. Next time I will post a picture of it, and you can wack your pud all over it, if that turns you on.

  • Epic.

  • No your the only one you queer arsehole

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