My Strange Little Fetishes

It’s pretty common to have a sexual fetish. Whether it be feet, boobs, butts, etc., you are guaranteed to find many people that are sexually attracted to at least one of them. I, however, have a few fetishes that are, to my knowledge, very niche and am not sure if anyone would think they’re acceptable. For whatever reason, I developed a fetish for body parts, specifically feet and bellies, that can talk, eat, act on their own and feature elements of a human’s head on them, like a face, a nose, hair, clothing/accessories, etc. I know for sure that a lot of this developed as a result of things I watched as a child, specifically Oobi, an episode of Elmo’s World featuring Elmo meeting a giant, talking foot (yes, that exists), and an episode of Between the Lions featuring a performance by the Peruvian puppeteer Ines Pasic called Pancetta (also known as Ines and the Tummy Lady in the episode). Given how strangely specific and bizarre my fetishes are and how potentially laborious it would be to satisfy them, would anyone even consider performing these acts for a person that has a fetish like mine? Do you think having these types of fetishes is ok? If you have any other questions about what I had to say, I’ll gladly respond to them.

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  • Well, I would be very willing to do that for you. I am not super hot though, just for your information.

  • Please define “not super hot”.

  • I would find someone open minded and into cosplay. Making the costume could be a fun challenge.

  • For the foot one, it definitely would be easier. I like it when the foot has a little wig in its toes and maybe some extra accessories or clothes. What I like for the belly thing would definitely be a challenge.

  • I need more details. Id consider it.

  • Hi. In regards to the foot part of my fetish, I like it when the foot has a face drawn on it. It doesn't have to be an artistic masterpiece; just a simple smiley face can do. I also like having the foot wear a little wig over its toes while also showing the toes through the top. I also love it when the foot wears little accessories, like little pieces of jewelry, ribbons, etc. For the roleplay aspect, I like it when the girl pretends to talk through her foot and have me talk with it, kiss it, and sometimes have it do a footjob. If you want something gives you an idea of what I'd want the foot to look like, refer to this video: (fun fact: this is the video that definitively started this fetish). I also fantasize of having the girl do a more sexualized version of the puppetry performances of Laura Kibel, Veronica Gonzalez, and Anne Klinge, which has them use their foot and hands to make it so the foot is the head of a body, but that would be too hard for a normal person to do and probably wouldn't be as fun for the performer as it would for me. For the belly stuff, I like it so the belly button is the mouth and the eyes are drawn either a little above the belly button or have the girl's boobs be the eyes. For the roleplay part, I want the girl to make it so her belly is "talking" and perform handjobs and rub my penis around the belly button. If you want an idea of what I'm looking for, watch the short film "Innie and Outie" from Nickelodeon. I'm sorry if this sounds too daunting and turns you off from it. Once again, if you want me to elaborate on something I said, please let me know. Thanks. EDIT: I just realized the irony of me calling this post "My Strange Little Fetishes" and then posting this laundry list of things that I expect my partner to do to satisfy me.

  • Back when I was involved in the bdsm lifestyle, besides pledging ourselves to " safe, sane, and consensual " activities, we were urged tolerance with the motto " Your kink isn't my kink, but, your kink is okay . " Go forth, and indulge, my friend !

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