$100 for my panties

My friends and I were at a club dancing, playing and having a great time. Several guys had bought us drinks, all of which I turned down, and my body had already been felt up dozens of times while dancing. We had been there for several hours and I was ready to go to another place that was less dance club and more food so we could eat and relax a bit.
One of the guys leaned over and told me he would pay me a hundred dollars for my panties and I laughed really hard and repeated it back to him. I told him lets see the money first and my friends were all smiling waiting to see what would happen. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a money clip and peeled off some twenties then held them out to me. I folded them up and slid them into my bra, reached under my dress and slid them down, I was a little embarrassed though because you could easily see they were wet from all my sweat. I dropped them in his hand and he rolled them up and put them into his pocket. I had not really thought it thru to well though given the dress I was wearing because it was difficult to keep myself covered for the rest of the night. We had a lot of fun that night and none of them have let me forget about it to this day.

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  • That is a very sexy story... I love worn panties...there are girls on Chaturbate that are selling their worn panties all the time. you could make a lot of money doing that! I'd buy some!

  • My wife and I enjoy a bit of an open relationship and a couple years ago, she and one of her girlfriends were at a local lounge at a motel. They were dancing with several guys and a guy, from out of town, offered her $100 dollars to go to the room with him. She laughed and turned him down, but her girlfriend told her to go for it, so she finally agree, but only if he gave the %100 to her friend. He did and she went to the room with him and enjoyed getting fucked twice. She then went back to the lounge and she and her friend left. I laughed at her when she told me and I told her that taking money for her pussy, officially makes her a prostitute. She just laughed and said she enjoyed his cock and it was definitely easy money, especially for doing something she really loves anyway.

  • Good deal. I would have offered to blow him for $500.

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