Sister in law panty sniffing

I was married 29 yrars to a very sexy lady. She was 17 when we me and I took her virginty. She was 5'4" 105 lbs with 34 b breasts. She was known in her small town for sucking older men but never giving it up. She was the hairest lady I had ever had sex with. She had juvinile diabetis since 11 yrs old. After 26 yrs of marriage it had killed her sex drive. She knew from the time we got married I loved to sniff panties. When we visited friends I always sniffed their wives panties. I would tell Karen my wife and always got very excited and we had lots of sex like this. Sometimes I would put their panties on Karen and have sex with her in their panties. I would pull crotch off to the side and we would have very hot wet sex. After she lost her sex drive due to her illnes she knew I was always very sexual every day numerous times. Her sister Linda came to live with us after her divorce. She told her sister my wife she had not had a man in over a year. Belive it or not she told my wife Karen that years ago when she and her husband would come visit us she always got excited listing to us have sex. Karen was very loud. My wife told her that with her illnes she had not hjad sex with me for about 7 months. She also told her about me sniffing her (Lindas) panties and that it was ok with her my wife. She told her sister it was ok if we ever got together. Then that evening my wife Karen told me about it. She also had a fresh pair of Lindas panties which I sniffed and came very hard and a lot. 2 days later when my wife went to be Linda came into living room and ask me if I wanted a back rub. I said sure. I layed on floor on my stomach. Linda gave me a great back rub then after abut 30 min she was rubbing my but on the outside of my jeans. I un buttoned my jeans and she rubbed around my waist then reached down and took my cock in her hand. I raised up my tummy and rolled onto my back and she pulled down my jeans and undies. She sucked me for about 10 min then pulled up her nighty with no panties on and climbes on me and rode me till I filled her full of my load. She lived with us for about 9 more months and I had sex with her about 3 times a week. That really excited my wife who then allowed me to do her some from behind while I smelled her sister lindas panties. I really miss her now that she is moved out and back to Kentucky and married to a Black man who is pretty cool. My wife says her sister says he is the biggest she has ever had and actually thanked her for sharing during her times of being alone.

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  • I shoot my cum into my friends pantieeeees and put them back in her pantie drawer all wet with my cum Mmmmmmmm3XRF

  • I always jerk off to my sister n laws panties they always leave them on the bathroom floor so when i see them i pick them up and sniff them while jerking off with there Victoria secret lotion then blow my load all over them they usually wear them three days in a row so i know their gonna be really moist with discharge one day i was at one of my sister n law house she was in a hurry to leave so as usual i told her i had to go to the bathroom when i heard her leave i started jerking off to her panties on the floor after i nutted in them i came outside to see my car blocking hers so she couldn't leave so she had w awaited there the whole time i was nutting in her panties i that made me feel good with her not knowing what was doing but i to wait for me to move my car her panties were so moist that day to i nutted pretty quick

  • I want to start my sil amd mil ´s panties but i can´t where to start?

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