Giving myself up to men

We live in a large suburb of a city in the south but are originally from California, there is an area only about ten minutes away from our house with several hotels and restaurants. One of them is really large with two restaurants inside of it, I go there dressed to get laid and give in to the first guy that comes on to me. Most of them are selfish jerks but a lot of them are super nice guys who are just looking for some pleasure because they do not get anything at home.
One such guy started talking to me, he was sort of larger than what I would want but he also was not coming on like a bull. We talked for a bit then I asked him if he wanted to go up to his room for some fun, he looked at me and told me that he would never pay for sex. I told him that I do not charge anything and do this just for fun, he told me there was no way a woman as hot as I am doe this for fun. I asked him if he wanted to try it and find out, he looked around the restaurant and then told me that he was paying and going back to his room and if I happened to follow him up to it then he was game.
He was so nervous when we went into his room, he kept looking at me like I was not real. I would guess he was around three hundred pounds and about six feet tall but he was still nervous with me at five foot three and about a hundred and ten pounds. I unzipped my dress and slid it down and off then undid my bra and walked up to him, he was seated on the couch, I let my bra fall down and laid it next to him with my breasts staring him right in the eyes. He slowly began kissing and licking them still apprehensive but getting more relaxed, he finally slid a finger on each side of my thong and slid them down. He asked me to turn around and bend over, I felt his tongue going between my cheeks and he kissed and licked my ass for a few minutes. We moved over to the bed where I let him do what he wanted, he planted his face between my legs and licked me for quite some time telling me I was definitely a dream girl for him. I spread my legs really wide and grabbed the back of his head grinding his face into me as I came then got on top of him taking over the sex. I sucked him hard getting him erect in no time at all then slid a condom over it, he was average sized but good enough for me. I spread my legs and mounted him, his hands fondled my breasts while I rode him hard. He was gasping with my thrusts and I think I grinded my hips to hard a few times as I heard him grunting out. I felt his hardness fading so I went over and grabbed a wash cloth, wet it down and returned, I cleaned him up after removing the condom and went back to sucking on him again. He was all over the place telling me he could not take me sucking on him so quickly after orgasm, I turned around and planted myself on his face then just played lightly with his cock while he licked me some more, he loved me pushing myself into his face as he moaned out in pleasure. He finally got hard again after I had already had another orgasm and this time after I got a new condom on him I told him it was his choice for position, he told me that watching me on top of him was incredibly hot so I went back at it again riding him until I was actually breaking a sweat, he lasted a lot longer the second time and I had a great time riding him.
He still could not believe I did this for fun as I was drying off from my shower, I gave his cock one last squeeze and told him maybe we will hook up again sometime. I left feeling really satisfied and went back to our empty house and watched a movie while waiting for my husband to call me and tell me good night.

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  • It is the newness of it all, I have no idea what the person likes or how they will want to pleasure me. I have men tell me that they just want to pleasure me, they will kiss and lick every inch of me and just want to inhale me. One guy told me that he has been married for over twelve years and has not been able to go down on his wife for over a year because she feels fat and ugly. She told him they will have sex again when she loses her baby fat. He tells her all the time how beautiful she is and tries to get her urges going again but she always tells him to lay back and she just gives him a blow job.

  • Women get like that. If she’s feeling over weight we pay the price. This has gone on years for me. There’s always an excuse.. kids are up, how about tomorrow night? Wait till the kids are asleep. I’m tired but I promise tomorrow. And I’m not supposed to want sex? You wonder why so many people cheat

  • I was with you until condom

  • I know what you mean, l love sucking cock and most guys just seem to be in utter disbelief that l want to blow them as l could have who ever l want, but l love manly, normal, average guys in their 40s and early 50s. I love how horny they are and how happy they are to get their cock sucked.

  • I need you!

  • Exactly right, I enjoy seeing the look on their face when I tell them that we should go up to your room and get cozy. Almost every one of them has asked me if I am a prostitute, I tell them no, I just love sex.

  • How can I contact you?

  • I like to get them close to cumming, then I jump on their cocks. Then you can blackmail them about pregnancy later

  • I know many are married but I would never blackmail them. I swallow their cum.

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