Wifes affair

My wife went away with the girls 2 years ago to scotland for a weekend away with loads of girlfriends . then rumours went around that few of the wives cheated and stories went around .my wife said yes it happened but was only a kiss .but one of her friends told me she went further than just a kiss and it was with a guy called alex .i went through her phone and sure enough i found scotish number with name alex. instead of been hurt it turned me on . . one night during sex i was using a dildo on her and i told her to think its alex .she went silent but then groaned . as i played with her i told her how it turned me on .and to tell me what happened . they all met in nightclub and alex was trying her all night .they all went back to hotel and partied and alex asked my wife she like some cocaine . they left the party room and went to her room where he put out the coke . as she bent over to take it .alex came behind her and slid his hand up her dress pulled her panties to the side n fingered her . go on i said tell me more . i looked in the mirror and watched him finger me i lifted one leg on to the chair to open my legs as he pulled off my dress . he slid down on to his knees and licked my pussy from behind . he moved me on to the bed n me still bent over he carried on licking my pussy n then my ass n me loving it . im loving it to i said . then she said she looked and seen his cock it was huge and all she wanted was it inside her . . at that moment i turned her over n i slid my cock inside het . keep talking . . think im alex . she said he pulled her in as he fucked her and then she started calling his name oh alex as i fucked her . it felt amazing . id love to see him fuck her in front of me

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  • Found some naked pictures of my hot wife Sally, she's smiling in her birthday suit on the summit of a mountain. At first she said they were from before we were married. But you have a wedding ring on -- married before? I said. 40 years ago her and her college volleyball teammate Joanie went on 3 week hike on AT. She said they were goofing off and took naked pictures of each with their own camera. So you and Joanie had lesbian sex? You have hickeys, even on your big tits. Sally then fesses up: We were out of our league hiking that rugged trail. We were fucking up. 2 nice guys we met saved us. They hadn't been laid in months. They wanted sex in return for their guiding us. Sally said no fucking way. So I had sex with both of them. It was a different world, I didn't feel I was cheating. I was like fuck you Joanie. Watch me.

  • My wife had to attend a conference for her job in Reno, I was going to go but my own job had a breakdown and I had to oversee the repairs.
    My wife wanted to cancel but I told her to go anyway, so she did. The conference was from Thursday to Sunday, and it's a 600 mile drive from our house, my wife took a plane since I needed the truck.
    By Friday night, the crew were resetting the equipment, by late Friday night we were back up and running. Saturday morning I made the 12 hour plus drive to Reno, planning to surprise her.
    She had a suite at the Eldorado, they have security at the elevators but I just waved a credit card and he let me through. (We have been there before and I did the same, lousy security there.)
    I knocked on the door to her suite, surprise!! Some guy I didn't know answered, towel wrapped around his waist. I pushed past him, he tried to complain but I had 40 pounds on him.
    There was the wife in the huge oversized bed, eyes wide, covers pulled up. I walked over, jerked the covers, she was naked. Barely 9 an night and she is already in bed with someone else? I threw the guy out, tossed his clothes into the hallway and the wife and I had a long talk.
    Next day I drove back home, left her there, told her to not bother coming home. So far, she hasn't, I don't even know where she is and I don't care.

  • My buddy told me me his wife and my wife (43) were with other soccer moms at the corner bar.. Local jocks (early 20's) had my wife, his and 2 others on their MILF list. They invited them back to their house to play cards, shoot darts. After awhile there they heard loud fuck noises -- soon after my wife and a young jock came out of the bedroom, said they were watching Late Night.
    Over the next couple months 3 others have young fuck buddies there. The problem is one jealous husband got his wife to confess and she spilled the beans on the others "I wasn't the only one spreading my legs for theses guys"
    and he confronted the jocks, and now our whole small town knows. So do some damage control for your wife. Fri night was there Fuck Night with the boys. She wouldn't get home till 6 AM "playing poker, I won $20 -- can't leave when you're ahead." I told her I know you're getting laid, the whole town knows you old hussies are fucking these kids - How could you think you wouldn't get caught? I was more embarrassed than jealous. My buddy said what if college cheerleaders wanted to fuck us -- that's what they were dealing with.

  • My 38 year old wife heads out every couple of weeks, finds a boy toy to get her jollies. She is crazily highly sexed, I am good for maybe twice a week but she has to have it or masturbate every day, sometimes twice a day.
    I would give up on her, but her old man is 72 and owns an underground construction company worth millions, and she is his only child.
    He put everything in trust for her, I know what that means so I stay real nice to everybody.
    I let her go get sex any time she wants to, just at home we always use condoms. Probably be my luck her old man will live to 100.

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