42 and pregnant

I never would have thought that I would end up pregnant at 42 years old.
My husband and I planned our family out while we were young. Marred at 18, first child at 20, second child at 22. Oldest child is out of college, good job, and marred, second child in her senior year of college.
My husband has a very well established law firm, and is starting to work toward his retirement, so is in the process of turning most of the firms clients and business over to some of the junior partners. So he has been putting in a lot of long hours, over the last year.
Well needless to say I have had a few sexually encounter with some of the other marred men in our subdivision, during this time. I figured I was safe and didn't need to use any protection, because after my last physical my Dr said I was close to starting mentapouse. Well I figured that I had because I haven't had a period in over three months. Well I started having trouble getting into some of my really tight jeans, and tops, and my belly was puching out a little, and firmer then normal. Starting to put two and two together, belly getting bigger, no period in 3 months, and a couple of weeks worth of nausea in the morning, that I thought was the flu. So I took a home pregnancy test, and sure enough I'm pregnant. So back to the Dr to confirm it, and sure enough they confirmed it. I'm just about 14 weeks along. Now I'm trying to figure out who the father is, pretty much can tell you that it's not my husbands. He had a vasectomy 8 years ago. Well I guess you could say that I'm pretty much fucked at this point. However I have decided that I'm not going to tell my husband, just going to wait and see how long it takes him to notice that I'm pregnant. Maybe I can use this to my advantage, cause if it takes him a couple more months to notice, proves my point he hasn't been paying attention to me over the last year.
Oh my, just had a thought, there is a really strong possibility that this baby could be black, or mexican.

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  • I'm right there with you sister. I to used to live in a wealthy subdivision with my exhusband. Our first child is his for sure he looks just like him, second one I'm not real sure about, he doesn't look like either one. In fact she is a spitting of our neighbor Jeff. Who I had sex way more then I did my husband, before I got pregnant with him. However our third child is the one that split us up. She is definitely not his, this girl aisan all the way. Which resulted from a one night stand from the sushi chef at out summer party. This all goes to show,that your husbands don't own your pussy. Ladies married or not you have the right to fuck whomever you want, whenever you want.

  • Busted, both of you gentlemen are correct. However my confession is true, but I did just through the last part in about the Black and Mexican men. A omly because there are Black, Mexican, and Asian men that live in our subdivision. So being totally truthful, I can't remember who I've fucked, because sometimes I was really wasted. As for my husband he did notice I was pregnant, and asked my to move out. He has put me up in an apartment across town, and is giving me a monthly allowance. Plus he asked that I not contact him, because he needs time to think. So what this means to me is, for at least the next four and half months till the baby is born, I can fuck anyone, and everyone I want too.

  • I also don't believe your story, because of that last statement you made. IF you're being truthful, then I think, this time, you are truly fucked. Good luck with your new life.

  • It was almost believable right up to the last sentence and then you blew it! Another bull shit I fucked a black guy with a huge dick and now he got me pregnant story.

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