I want to get pregnant

I am a married woman and I just had my IUD removed, birth control, because I want any of my black lovers to get me pregnant. I have several lovers and I will not tell any of them or my husband what I am planning. My husband has teased me about getting pregnant and says he wouldn't mind if it really happened. I don't want to know who the dad will be and they will never know what they have done. When I get pregnant I will stop fucking all of them until the baby is born and I am back in shape. It will be hard not having sex all the time for a while but I need to show the world how much I love black men. I look forward to people staring at my husband and I walking around with a black baby.


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  • I am 24 white and live alone and the gardener I've hired happens to be Black and he does a wonderful job even more than he was hired to do.
    Then one afternoon he dropped by and started in talking with me about everything and he came and asked if he could use the bathroom and I said yes and as he stood before me I said Jesus John, god, and he basically ran off to the bathroom and all the time he was gone I couldn't take my thoughts off of what I saw straining to get out of his shorts truly was the biggest I've ever seen.
    When he came back and sat near me at the table we continued talking and eventually we started in talking bout sex which led to him standing in front of me and I stared in holding his huge coc which led to me getting fucked by him several times that first time.
    The very next day he was back again for my tight white pussy as he calls it and again I got fucked by him several times that day. Three weeks later it became a three some with 2 big black males cumming in me several times each god I was becoming a Black cock cum dump and I wasn't abut to quit. 2 became 7 and not every day but all 7 of them would drop by just for one thing ME.

  • During the time I was going thru my shitty divorce I went out and hooked up with a young black guy.I took him back to my place and let him do whatever he wanted to me.He had the biggest dick I've ever had and was without a doubt the best fuck I had ever received.After that night I wanted more so when my kids were at my exs id have that young black man round and he'd give me a damn good seeing to.With everything going on I forgot that my birth control was overdue and after about a month and half I fell pregnant.At 37 I didn't want another baby and thought it would look very bad so I had to get rid of it.Its made me feel really bad to this day.

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