Pregnant and not know exactly who is the father

Me and my husband decided that I should get laid by at least half a dozen or more different guys over a sort span of about a month so we wouldn't know for sure who the father would be. Turns out it was 8 different guys in a one month period, best time of my life having sex with all those gorgeous guys. I'm pregnant now, 6 months, the thing is I'm almost sure it was by the first guy, now I have fantasies about seeing him again after the baby is born, I haven't told my husband but he's happy I'm pregnant & that our plans are on track except for this one wrinkle I will never tell him about. What I'm thinking is that I'd really like to have another baby by this guy although I never plan to tell him about the one now that I'm sure is his, in facy he doesn't even know I'm expecting, only that I might be interested in seeing him again sometime for the obvious, I'm using him & he doesn't even know it, men can be so dumb.


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  • Wow. I'd never before heard of someone approaching this kind of thing as though it were a 'Magic 8 Ball'. I'm hoping that this is fiction, but it more than likely isn't.

  • You are both very stupid people. flabbergastingly so

  • Fucking whore, bet it's black.

  • You think that’s cute right now.? Ever considered if the child might require special needs. Hard to believe there are really people out there like this

  • Woman are so dumb. Birth a child into this world on purpose and have no idea of father and his medical background when it's needed.

  • You can get a NIPP test to figure out who the father is. At least everyone seems happy in your situation. My husband and I used to swing, and I ended up pregnant by accident. We had the test, and it was the other guy. My husband wasn't into raising another man's baby, so I ended it.

  • Are you for real? You slept with 8. could be any one of them you frikking loon.

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